Zoids Blox Leogator

Gao! GAO! *GAUMP!*

This will be a brief review as I’ll go straight to the point. Leogator suffers from a case of a gimmick severely restricting a toy. We’ll go into more detail in a bit.

It started innocently enough. Constructing Leogator was fun. He seemed to not have too many parts despite being a more expensive (though got it at clearance) model, and there wasn’t as much detail in the parts. This is fine, as he still looked cool and it was kinda fun constructing him. But as I built him, I noticed that all the parts are very modular. Which was also fine.

Well, long story short. I knew about the electronic feature of the Blox line. It features this clear plastic block which can fold open. You snap on pieces on either the folded up or folded open configuration to get a different creature. In Leogator’s case, either a Lion or Alligator.

Problem one is, as you’re simply snapping on armor to a solid piece, it doesn’t look as cool and integrated. This is a relatively minor problem as you see from the pics, he still looks good. But he could have looked better.

Problem two, the tail is attached via a rubber “companion cube”. This makes the tail quite prone to fall off.

Problem three, since this is simply snap on, Leogator (especially the tail) doesn’t feel as solid as say, Brachiorakete. Although he’s actually very solid as the way the pieces interconnect makes it so he’s not going to fall apart anytime soon.

But the biggest drawback? Ugh… the dang motor gimmick. Leogator has a motor gimmick that let’s him walk/shuffle. But (presumably) to keep the legs stable for this, articulation has been removed. So what you’re left with is a good looking but inarticulate robo-nimal.

In fact, to keep the whole thing stable (and it IS stable, except for the tail), the parts snap on in a way that greatly reduces interplayability. You don’t have much options to make your own configurations.

A good looking toy that’s severely hampered by its gimmick. Both articulation and playability is greatly reduced. A disappointment. Stick to NeoBlox and give the Blox toys a miss. Or at least take a good look at the boxes before purchase, to make sure there’s no motorized gimmick involved.

1.5 out of 5

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