Universe Classics 2.0 Ironhide

C’mon Wahr-lee, aurs is the blade that’ll pierce them thar heavens!

I mentioned before that Ironhide (Aahn-haide to you rootin’ tootin’ Texans out there) was my favorite character, so it’s something of an inconsistency for me that I was going to give this toy a miss. This was mostly due to the negative feedback he was getting prior to mass release. In any case, I got Aahn-haide and let me tell ya, them varmity reviews got it all wrong. Aahn-hide rocks.

I had an earlier draft of this review where I opened the review by addressing all the negative points brought up against this figure. The gist of which was that they were mostly unfounded and simply a practice of haterizin’. But I felt it seemed too negative. And after posing Ironhide for the pics for this review, I had to throw that draft out. Ironhide is too good a toy to deserve such a misleading review.

So, rather than focus on the bad, let’s focus on the good of the figure first. Let’s start with my fave category, articulation. You’ll note that in the pics for this review, Ironhide is capable of some pretty good poses. Know what? I was totally fooling around with the leg poses. I did not expect him to stand. I just posed, then put him in the light/diffusion box to see how he fitted, and WHAM! He’s standing with no problem at all. Totally stable, despite being on tippy toes. Color me impressed. I knew that with his big feet, and the fact that you could lower his heels for even bigger feet/sleds meant that he was pretty stable, but apparently he’s got better weight distribution/center of gravity than I anticipated. In addition to his full range of motion, which includes pectoral movement, Ironhide is a lot more articulated than he probably strictly needed to be, considering he’s probably a character who could be forgiven for being slightly less articulated.

Sculpt-wise, Ironhide’s strength is in his robot-mode. He really does look like Ironhide, and he really does look great? What can I say? He’s got issues, but most are not justified. Let’s start with the blue face, which isn’t that bad when you get down to it. Sure, I personally would have prefered a silver face, and newer versions of Ironhide will have a running change where his face is painted correctly, but the blue face in and of itself is not a deal breaker to me. Besides, who knows? In 20 years, maybe the blue faced version will be super duper special awesome rare and sought after?

The red used for Ironhide is totally fine. I don’t get what’s the big deal others have with the tone of red he’s got. While his red is not as dark as say, Universe Classics 2.0 Sideswipe’s, it’s a perfectly serviceable color. I’m totally fine with it. My guess is that those who said he looks almost orange have either a) Got a pre-release version that does indeed look orange b) Have something wrong with their eyes or c) Are just hating on Ironhide because it’s cool to be emo and sparkle in sunlight. Also, I wouldn’t recommend the Henkei version over the regular US Ironhide release. If you’ve seen the Henkei in package as I have, you’ll notice that it has the same problem as Universe Classics 2.0 Sunstreaker, where the color tones don’t match. So while the Henkei can promise you a silver face and a deeper red, it has its own issues in terms of color.

Ironhide also has an issue where his head looks down due to a lack of clearance for his internal kibble, but it’s not that bad compared to some other Transformers, such as Movie Wreckage for instance. Others have also complained that Ironhide has an enviably sized crotch. Kinda sad really, when you got penis envy against a toy… Then there’s the matter of his large backpack, but as suggested earlier, it has little to no bearing on Ironhide’s stability.

Really, the only real issue I have with Ironhide’s robot is that there are bits to him that feel a tad fragile to me. Mostly the bits that make up his hood in vehicle mode. The downcast head is the only other legitimate knock against Ironhide’s robot mode.

Now vehicle mode is a whole different story. Personally, I don’t give too much stock to vehicle mode, but it’s true… Ironhide’s vehicle mode is weak. This is largely due to the seams and gaps in vehicle mode, which makes Ironhide look either like a bad car or an obvious robot in disguise. Had everything clicked or tab into place tightly and neatly, I could have forgiven the seams, but they don’t, so I won’t. The only good thing I can legitimately say about the vehicle mode is that at least it holds together well despite all the gaps and such.

A really good toy with its share of issues, Ironhide gets undeserved hate.

3.5 out of 5

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