Resolute Cobra Commander

I vas vunce a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan-Faye.

So I finally opened up my Resolute Cobra Commander. This one is based on the G.I. Joe web-series, Resolute. Where the story takes place in a more mature setting. Art is realistically if anime-esquely propotioned (no Diniverse style here) and characters get to have their designs tweaked. Some spot subtle but distinctive tweaks such as Cobra Commander here, while others like Stormshadow… well, he’s gone from being a ninja to a viking, apparently.

But onto Cobra Commander himself. Storywise, I only have the back of his card to go by. The bio is more vanilla while keeping with the general direction of Cobra Commander’s character. Gone is the mention that he was once a used car salesman, this Cobra Commander is someone who lusts for power. Once, he was content with the power wrought by the virtue of wealth, now he seeks control and domination over all the nations of the world. In other words, typical Cobra Commander while keeping away from silly specifics.

This is a really nice looking Cobra Commander. With just a few tasteful additions (skirt, cloak etc) to the basic Cobra Commander design, as well as a subtle change to the shape of his helmet, here we have a Cobra Commander for the world of today, today. Well, actually, he looks like a Nazi Commie than a Jihadian Terrorist, but that’s fine by me.

As you can see, Resolute Cobra Commander looks awesome. The subdued colors work to make this someone who’d be in a grittier setting than the original cartoons, yet there’s a distinctive Cobra Commander flair. This being a Hasbro 3.75″ figure with 25th Anni Joe engineering, the sculpt is just plain wonderful. He doesn’t have crazy amounts of detailing like say, a McFarlane, but this is a conscious choice. Less is more with the commander.

Accesories are good, he comes with a stand, a neat sword (although the scabbard is warped out of the card), a mauser type gun and his helmet is removable (perhaps TOO removable, a little trouble staying on). The cloak is also removable if you pop the head off. Speaking of which, I’m a little torn on the color of the cloak. If it were simply a duller blue than the rest of the commander, I’d be fine with it. But it’s an entirely different shade of blue, bordering on green-ish, which isn’t too bad, but a little out of place at times.

Articulation is nice. As expected, the skirt flap limits his leg articulation, but there’s enough bend in the skirt that he can at least move his legs forward enough to kick a puppy. Arms are surprisingly not as restricted as I thought they’d be, due to the cloak being a separate piece, there is some give there. Otherwise, he’s got the standard Joe articulation of balljointed neck and hips, ballhinged shoulders, elbows and ankles, as well as doublejointed knees and a (restricted) swivel waist. At first glance, it looks like he has no wrists articulation, but that’s where Cobra Commander rocks the Casablanca. His entire glove moves, meaning he has wrist swivel movement without the need for an obvious cut at the wrists. This is awesome, if somewhat understated.

A Cobra Commander for a new age. He might not be the definitive Cobra Commander, but by no means does he not deserve to stand at the plateau. Sure, his articulation is restricted, but he looks good and is articulated enough. My only gripe is how loose the helmet is. Bleh.

3.9 out of 5

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7 Responses to Resolute Cobra Commander

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  2. Philip Reed says:

    Where did you find Cobra Commander? I haven’t seen any of the Resolute figures in stores around here.

    • updatedude says:

      Where I am, GI Joe are exceedingly rare, and if you want them, you have to buy an entire wave from specialty shops. So yeah, I had to get an entire wave from a specialty shop hidden in some dark corner to get the Commander. I was looking for Specialist Trakker though.

  3. Philip Reed says:

    I found Trakker at Target the day after Thanksgiving, but I’ve only seen him in a store that one time.

  4. updatedude says:

    Ah, I’m envious then. Yeah, I’d totally love to get a Trakker and his Condor pack. A friend of mine even offered to mail it, but alas, due to shipping…

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