Rockman EXE: Roll

Dear Diary, what am I going to do? That’s the 2nd time Megaman’s peeped on me. What if he’s a pervert? I love him, but as a brother. It’s Tron that I want to **** in the *** with a ****-** and make her call me her ******* qu*** and slather ***** **** ******** *** ******* *** *******nd ******.

Note: Old review of Roll, from the Rockman EXE Action Model Kits. Transferring it here, now with pics. The Rockman EXE toys were neat, but had major QC issues where joints would break right out the box. The Model Kits such as Roll were less articulated, but decent. Pity I got them at full or discount price, rather than clearance. Now I got a bunch of toys I don’t dare take out the box for fear they’ll break, bleh. But anywho, onto the review of Roll herself.

This is, my darkest hour yet. Not only does Roll represent my first descent into the dirty perverted world of female figures, she’s also a DIY-case, so this is also somewhat my first foray into Gunpla (or more specifically, its ilk).

That said, this is a pretty neat little figure.

Roll is part of the Action Model Kits, one among the plethora of Rockman/Megaman EXE merchandise. Basically, they give you a buncha robo-parts and you assemble the piece yourself. It’s a kiddy property as far as I can tell, so assembling Roll isn’t all that challenging since she’s not composed of hundreds of teensy weensy bits.

Just follow the instructions and you’ll do fine, you probably won’t even need the instructions, as it’s quite obvious where everything goes.

Looks (A-)
Arguably, this is where Roll shines the most. She’s just so darn cute. She’s actually rather gender ambiguous in appearance, what with the property focusing on kids in the 10 to 12 year old range. Her base appearance doesn’t look much different than the male Megaman figures, but with a slightly slimmer build and mostly pink color scheme, she nonetheless exhumes an aura of pre-pubescent femininity. If you dig the Megaman EXE aesthetic as I do, you’ll get a kick out of Roll.

Note: I actually assembled her incomplete, sans hair. So she looks like Mega Girl from the old Captain N cartoon. Also, assembler beware; the paint seems to rub off pretty easily, so be careful not to apply too much finger friction whilst putting this lil lady together.

Articulation (C+)
Roll has 14 points of articulation/moving points.

She turns at the neck. Her shoulders are balljointed, so she’s got a full range of motion there. Elbows bend and wrists turn. Waist turns. Hips are a let down. They can’t really move sideways, so that eliminates doing the splits. Though she can still kick forward. Knees bend, though not all the way. Her ankles are balljointed, so they can move all over. But the balljoints are attached rather close, so they’ll pop off quite easily if you try to get her to stand tippy toe.

Overall, Roll has pretty decent articulation, though no sideways hip movement limits things quite a bit.

Funny note, while trying to check out her hip articulation, I noticed her “pants” (bloomers?) don’t fully conceal the white plastic bar that holds her hips together. I never noticed that while assembling her, and this seems to be the correct assembly. So to cut to the chase, despite wearing bloomers, yes, Roll is a pantyshot character.

Fun Factor (B)
Initially, I thought that with her limited hip movement, all Roll could do would be to stand around flailing her arms. But playing around with her a bit more reveals that she could also do a mean Izakaya Bomber. Used cunningly, Roll can be most fun indeed.

Unfortunately, despite the similar aesthetic and being sold side by side, Roll’s not compatible with the Rockman EXE Action in Transmission figures in terms of swappable limbs and weapons. Bummer. At least she’s got the same scale and look, so they can still interact together.

Overall (B-)
While Roll is nowhere near the awesomeness of her Rockman EXE Action in Transmission counterparts, Roll’s a decent figure in her own right. For her price of approximately 5.89 USD where/when I bought her (before 15% discount), she’s worth the price of admission.

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20 Responses to Rockman EXE: Roll

  1. Sabrefox00 says:

    Where did you purchase Roll? Do you know any sites where the Action in Transmission figures can be viewed/purchased?

    • updatedude says:

      Bought it at a retail outlet/supermarket some time back. I wouldn’t recommend the Action in Transmission figures though. They look great, have great articulation and accessories and are cheaply priced, HOWEVER, they are extremely given to breakage right out the box. The joints have a tendency to just disintegrate. I basically destroyed an entire display of them when I went to return a broken one to the store. They opened up a new one for me, which broke right out the box. Then they opened up another one, and THAT one broke. And it went on and on till they ran out of figures, so I just took last one remaining (without testing it) and it’s just sitting in a box somewhere in my room, never having been opened.

      That said, the model kits such as Roll seem to be decently durable, because it doesn’t use the same joints that the regular Megamen do.

  2. MiSorA-RoLl says:

    NO WAY!!
    I’ve been looking for a Roll.Exe toy in almost everywhere!!
    Now that I see this pic I just can’t stand how mean you guys can be!!
    I understand, it’s funny to read THOSE pics, maybe it’s broken, but it still being expensive, I think.
    Well…Anyway! Where you can get the Good Quality MegaMan Toys?
    See, I have one MegaMan.Exe from Mattel, but I think the promotion’s just ended up like 6 or 4 years ago.
    I just can’t believe what I’ve seen here…I think I’m gonna faint!

    • updatedude says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I actually have a whole bunch of those Rockman.EXE figures, including Bass (Forté) and Protoman. All only opened once, then placed back in box. So they’re all in good condition etc.

      They’re fantastic toys, but because I’m afraid of the possible fragility of some joints, I’ve put them in storage, thence their now pristine condition.

      I’m actually trying to figure out how to get rid of ’em. Might have to ask my friend to put it up on Ebay for me (I don’t have a credit card myself you see).

      Ah well.

  3. hay i can take em off your hands

  4. you see im a big rockman exe fan and im trying to get all of the figures of the exe series.

  5. sure dude im intrested im willing to take the offer
    will the y be cheap please help i guy out im despret

  6. thanks dude your awsome

  7. thanks dude your awsome

  8. my computer wont let me go to it
    but my email is

  9. hey im sorry to ask can you sell wood shield cheaper please

  10. Void says:

    Do you still have that Forte.exe figure for sale?

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