Destro vs Corporal Breaker

How old IS Ohno?

A Comic 2-Pack of Destro and Corporal Breaker. Destro’s done up in “comic” colors, which is a Cobra style blue, despite the fact that the cover of the comic included with these toys features a black suited Destro. He’s blue in the actual comics though, and truthfully, while I would have preferred a traditional black Destro, I already have the Iron Grenadier Destro; and I like him in these colors, so I figured, why not? All I really wanted was a silver headed Destro, and due to the way Joes are distributed where I am, this Destro was the cheaper option.

As for Corporal Breaker, I haven’t followed the comics, nor was I nearly as big a fan of G.I. Joe as I was of Transformers, so I don’t know him at all. All I know is that he’s constantly chewing gum and blowing up pink bubbles, and that this version of his toy apparently has a gargantuan head. That’s the thing that kept me from getting this set earlier, but I really wanted a silver headed Destro and was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to find the Weather Dominator Multi-pack which has a black suited Destro as well as a hat-less Lady Jaye and Roadblock being tentacle raped by demonic mutant vines. Ah, I soooo want that set. But anyhow! Toy(s) review proper!


Destro: As mentioned above, this Destro is silver (chrome) headed with very COBRA style blue for his primary color. And you know what? It works, oddly enough. In fact, it arguably works better than Destro’s traditional silver on black, if you’re willing to put character accuracy aside.

Something interesting about this Destro is that his collar is a separate piece, you can’t really tell except from certain angles, where gaps can be seen. It doesn’t really hurt the toy, but it’s still interesting to note, since this collar piece also includes his upper chest and bling. My guess is that it’ll be re-used for Dr. Mindbender when the latter finally shows up.

Otherwise, This is a good looking Destro whichever way you cut it. It’s got the typical Hasbro detailing, which is a good thing. He does have huge biceps and triceps, as well as buff back muscles though. I say “though” because while these look good, his muscular arms do have some clearance issues with his back. If you want to put his arms down close to his body, they’ll have to lean forward a bit. Other than that, Destro’s peachy.

Corporal Breaker: Breaker’s actually a little bland. Granted he’s accurate to the character, but it’s hard not to look at his body and think it’s probably been re-used a ton of times, probably a Commando Snake Eyes, but don’t quote me on that. It’s not that he looks bad, but he’s about as average looking as you can get, despite his gear. In fact, it’s arguably because of his gear that Corporal Breaker looks like a generic army guy. The only thing that really distinguishes him is the bubblegum accessory he comes with.

Breaker actually looks better without his helmet. In fact, he looks quite dashing, and I can imagine him hanging with the Indiana Jones crowd as some fellow adventurer or something. It’s all in the haircut.

Incidentally, regarding Breaker’s head, maybe I’ve been watching too much anime, but it’s not that big to me. Not to the degree of being freakish anyway. It’s true that his helmet is a nice tight fit, and that if you try putting his helmet on Destro, you’ll find it completely goes over Destro’s chrome dome. But despite that, I still don’t think it looks that bad.

The other thing to say about Breaker’s looks is that the cuts for his wrists are rather noticeable, so apparently, Breaker is an emo goth who cuts himself during his free, off duty time. Go figure.


Both Destro and Corporal Breaker have the standard 25th Anniversary Joe articulation. They’ve got ball jointed necks (really tight on the ‘stro), waist and hips, cut wrists, ball hinged shoulders and elbows for full range of movement as well as ball hinged ankles. Corporal Breaker has double jointed knees, while Destro only has regular knees, much like his Iron Grenadier counterpart. But as with his counterpart, I’m fine with it for some reason.

Destro makes up for it with a larger footprint and being unusually more balanced than other Joes. I have no idea why, perhaps aside from the larger footprint, his feet are also slightly less rounded?

As per usual, lack of swivel movement for the legs/knees is the major weak point in the articulation for the 25th Anniversary line. Also, Breaker’s hips are somewhat restricted by his holster gear, but nothing detrimental.


Not much I’m afraid, for either toy. The Comic 2-Pack comes with a comic of course, the story focuses on Destro with Breaker being a background character. They also come with personalized stands, and each toy comes with two pistols. Breaker gets a helmet, a communications backpack thingy and a bubblegum. But considering the blandness of Breaker, you’d almost have to not count them so as to make up for his generic-ness.

Otherwise, this Destro does not come with his suitcase or wad of cash or anything else. All he has are the two pistols designated to him.


Destro: A cool looking figure. It’s not perfect, but none of its “imperfections” are bad enough to be considered “issues”. Maybe some more accessories would be nice, but otherwise a solid variant of everyone’s favorite Scottish Russian Autonomous Arms Dealer Full Time COBRA Employee of the Month.

4 out of 5

Corporal Breaker: Nothing really bad, but nothing good either. Maybe if you’re a fan of the character, it’d be different. But the fact that Breaker’s got an interesting accessory in the bubblegum and that he’s a typical piece of solid 25th Anni Joe toy engineering aside, there’s nothing to shout about with him.

2.8 out of 5

Set: A good two pack if you can pick it up for a good price. The comic included would normally push the value up, but given that you lose out on Destro’s suitcase, it’s not as big a bonus as it normally would be.

Still, you’re getting two solid figures. Destro is very very good, and Corporal Breaker isn’t without his merits. Not everyone can be a star, so with this set, you get to have your main cast member (Destro) and an extra (Breaker) to go with him. All in all, this is a set with some good points and no real bad points, a net gain!

3.9 out of 5

OAFE Destro & Cpl. Breaker Review

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