Triple Rider Review

Triple Rider Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Special feature or something, a triple figure review. Kamen Rider Blade: Jack Form (far left) and Kamen Rider Ryuki (far right) are from the old Motion Revive Series. Unfortunately, I can’t get more specific than that. As far as I can gather, they were from before the Motion Revive Series actually became a “series”. A one shot wave of 3.75″ trading figures which eventually became the MRS proper. Kamen Rider 1 (middle) is the secret figure from Motion Revive Series 4, and is based on the new movie version as opposed to the original TV series.

Rider 1
I’ve always been fond of the new Rider 1’s looks, so this was a good figure for me. Rider 1’s well proportioned, despite what my photography may make it seem. The ascot is a tad large, but that’s just a minor gripe once you factor in the overall good looks of this figure. It really “feels” like Rider 1, y’know? If you’re a fan of the buggy eyed grasshopper biker look of Kamen Rider, well, this is about as Kamen Rider as you can get.

Articulation is also excellent. Rider 1 is blessed with one of the better shoulders in regards to MRS figures, able to lift them up to the side by quite a bit. But due to his ascot, he has no torso joint. Luckily, Bandai threw us a bone by giving him a swivel waist. Otherwise, Rider 1 has the same tremendous articulation synonymous with MRS figures.

No real accessories. Just some additional hands. As you can see though, I like to give him his Rider Chop and Rider Pose configuration.

Overall (Rider 1)
One of the nicer MRS figures, Rider 1 is not only a gem from a relatively weak wave of MRS (Wave 4), but a gem amongst MRS and other 3.75″ figures in general.

4.3 out of 5


Blade: Jack Form
Jack Form is the mid-level power-up of the titular Blade. Now here’s another design that I’ve always liked. When Blade was first announced and pictures started leaking out, I was pleased as punch with the return to a more insectoid look. Blade might not have been a grasshopper, but Rhinoceros Beetles are fine too.

As to the toy itself, it looks fine. Jack of Blade here is actually one of the better looking old MRS. The wings are very striking of course, and adds to an already solid design. But what sets this guy apart is definitely his blinged-out chest plate. The gold is very nice, very striking, but the chest pattern is crazy neat. About the only thing I don’t dig with the old MRS in terms of aesthetics are the ball jointed elbows, which while offering good articulation, does look a tad odd. Otherwise, Blade: Jack Form is blinge-out enough to be a secret character (he’s not mind you, but he qualifies).

Articulation-wise, Blade is very good. It’s basically ball joints for virtually everything. Ball jointed neck, torso, shoulders, elbows, hips and ankle, with swivel wrists and thighs, and double jointed knees. Of course, Blade’s wings are also articulated with hinges. Due to his shoulder pads and the angled positioning of his shoulders, Blade’s shoulder movement is somewhat restricted. But it’s no worse than your standard MRS. Of course, being an older version, Blade doesn’t have the double ball joints of the modern MRS. And of course, the aforementioned weird-ish looking elbows. All are nitpicks though, he still looks good and is well articulated.

Blade only comes with one accessory, his sword. But I have no complaints there. It’s all he could really come with after all. And at least it’s well painted. It’s very close to the level of his larger Souchaku Henshin cousin’s sword. Giving him any more would be like giving a Superman toy a laser blaster gun. Sure it’d be neat to have an extra accessory, but it’s frikkin’ Superman, what’s he supposed to do with a laser gun?

Overall (Blade: Jack Form)
A little old, and you can see it whenst compared with its descendants, Blade: Jack Form is still far ahead of the curve against other 3.75″ figs, and even against the modern MRS, he can give them a run for their money with his wings and tremendous paintjob.

4.2 out of 5


Honestly, I never liked the Ryuki look. That he was a major departure from the Kamen Rider look was one thing, but the concession of adding the Rider eyes behind the visor just made him seem half-assed and silly. So it’s no surprise that he’s my resident Butt Monkey.

But putting my personal preferences aside, MRS Ryuki isn’t without his merits. He’s got a fair amount of fine tampoed detail on him and the general body design is actually quite nice. He’s a little thin and spindly though, and the elbows are particularly noticeable with him than on Blade (whose heavier armored look helps hide his own slimness). But generally speaking, Ryuki’s a good looking figure.

Articulation-wise, as I’ve said, he’s my butt monkey, so I like having other characters put Ryuki in painful holds and stuff, but you know what? He wouldn’t be able to get those poses if he weren’t really articulated. He’s got the same articulation as Blade, though no left wrist movement (more on that later), but since he doesn’t have the wings Blade has, Ryuki is a whole lot easier to pose in “getting his ass kicked” poses, ala down on his back or having his limbs be bent unnaturally.

It’s also really easy to get him into all sorts of poses. Sure, a modern MRS might be technically slightly more poseable, but thanks to his ball joints, it’s simply easier to move him about. One thing I’ll give Ryuki is on how tight his ball joints are. Every time I break him out, I’m surprised at how stiff the shoulders and elbows have become. I thought they’d loosen with the repeated play, but they’re always good as new whenever I revisit Ryuki.

In terms of accessories, Ryuki sucks. He has no left hand you see, instead, his left hand is an accessory of him holding his dragon knuckle thingy. That in itself isn’t so bad, but that hand doesn’t peg in too tightly to Ryuki. And nonetheless, it’s still a cop out. It’s one thing to not have a “real” or even a “pseudo” accessory. Rider 1’s only got alternate hands for instance. But Ryuki doesn’t even have a default hand, instead, it’s passed off as an extra. Laaaaame.

Overall (Ryuki)
When you get right down to it, Ryuki is still a good toy. His crime is simply not being “perfection” like his fellows. The only legitimate gripe with him is in having a cop out accessory that doesn’t even fit well. Otherwise, you’re dealing with an uber fun toy that looks good (if you dig the Ryuki head design, I don’t), and plays tremendously well.

4.1 out of 5


These are all good figures worthy of being tracked down and added to your collection. But I should add in a little something about their scores. Motion Revive Series figures should be cheap for import toys. Even being imports, they should only cost you about the vicinity of a G.I. Joe. So if you’re considering buying them online and find yourself having to pay a padded price due to shipping, knock off 0.1 points per figure.

Rider 1 is still cool, especially if you just want a Rider 1 of some sort and don’t want to splurge for the S.H. Figuarts, S.I.C. or some other larger version.

Blade: Jack Form is unique with his wings and all. Which makes him a pretty good piece to own.

Ryuki is good, but there’s nothing extra there that makes him a must have if you have to pay extra for shipping. You might as well get Kamen Rider Knight from the same show and toy series. At least he comes with a sword and has all of Ryuki’s strengths (as a toy) with none of the weaknesses.

But at the end of the day, except for Kamen Rider Ibuki from Wave 4, there hasn’t been a single MRS fig I’d recommend against. They’re all good to go, baby.


0.0 – 0.0 = I’d pay to get rid of it
0.1 – 0.5 = I’d give it away
0.6 – 1.0 = I wouldn’t take it for free
1.1 – 1.5 = Very Bad
1.6 – 2.0 = Bad
2.1 – 2.5 = Average
2.6 – 3.0 = Good
3.1 – 3.5 = Very Good
3.6 – 4.0 = Excellent
4.1 – 4.5 = Worth high pricing
4.6 – 5.0 = Worth inflated secondary market pricing

* 4.1 – 4.5 is for slightly inflated secondary market or unreasonably high (retail) pricing.

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11 Responses to Triple Rider Review

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  3. Nightslash3535 says:

    The series of the 3.75″ Kamen Riders that you reviewed (except for MRS Rider 1) is called Full Action or FA for short, these are candy toys and not trading figures like those of Motion Revive figures were.

  4. Nightslash3535 says:

    Despite being aesthetically laughable, Ryuki is a pretty good representation of what we’ve seen in the show. If you want a good Ryuki figure for a reasonable price, I recommend getting the Kiwami Tamashii version (hell, this guy even has a card-holding hand, sword and a dragon head to put on the stump of his right hand).

    • updatedude says:

      As a toy, I’m satisfied with my Ryuki. I got the Kiwami Tamashi Knight, since I think his SIC design is pretty neato. Gave the KT Ryuki a miss though, because… well, truth is, I’ve never really liked the design. It looked doofy then and try as I might, I can’t help thinking it looks doofy now.

  5. Peter says:

    you got extremely rare species here, dude… ^^

  6. perry says:

    Those are pretty rare collection, Dude… I envy you so much!
    But I’ve been satisfied with my MRS Blade and battle-scarred Garren, although I must buy them double the original price… XP

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