Kamen Rider Decade 01: LIVE!

WARNING! The following review will be highly erratic!

I’m writing this as I watch the show. I saw a bit of it the other day at a toy shop, it seems Decade can take on the form and power of other Riders? I’m watching it at home right now and will be giving LIVE (sort of) impressions of the show.

Incidentally? Best. Kamen. Rider. Opening. EVER.

To iterate, best opening EVER. There’s this chick, and she’s standing there looking all red shirt like (chicks in Kamen Rider tend to DIE after all) when a missile flies toward her, she survives. And then Kamen Rider Kuuga drives up, so at first I thought we’re in Kuuga’s universe… but we’re not! Suddenly, Kaixa and a bunch of Riot Riders run up? I thought it was Kuuga vs Kaixa and the Riot army, but again, no. It soon becomes evident that Riders, good and evil, TV and movies and exclusives, are all in a big free for all… again, NO! They’re fighting an unseen enemy, and the girl is looking at all the carnage. Is it some vision of a Ragnarok future? As things progress, it’s evident that the Riders are getting their asses handed to them, and in the only thing I’ve managed to predict correctly, the unseen enemy/victor is… Kamen Rider Decade. The girl sees him, and speaks his name, which is oddly appropriately pronounced. See, we would pronounce it Deck-kade, she pronounces it as Dee-cade, as in Decay. Gah! Opening Credits, more live impressions as we continue.

(P.S. Kinda funny how Psyga gets blown out of the sky)


Okay, the chick is pretty cute. And the Rider battle in the opening was just a dream. Not sure what the tone of this show will be, but looks like it’ll be lighter, but not nearly as silly as say, Den-O. As the chick (Natsumi) is walking to find the presumably civilian form of Decade, we hear this noise, and just as suspected, it’s a Kamen Rider Ryuki reference. Possibly she’s being stalked by a spider-mirror monster. We also see Ryuki in a mirror.

Tsukasa/Decade is threatened by Wataru/Kiva? Also, Natsumi shows up and… IS this going to be as silly as Den-O? Perhaps it’ll get serious later, but I’m fine either way. Whether it’s comedy or drama. I hope we’ll see a return of Ryoutarou/Den-O though.


Looks like multiple worlds are merging? I don’t recognize the first batch of Kaijin, but as the worlds shift, we see Fangire, Imagin and even giant prawns from the Hibiki-verse. Man, am I going to have to put Decade under every Rider Category? I’m glad that it’s action packed so far though, and Natsumi’s just found some broken Rider Buckles. Fallen Riders? Hmm… looks like it’s Decade’s? Natsumi is confronted by a Worm. My guess is that Decade is gonna go all Clock-Up on their asses though.

From hip hop in Den-O to classical violin in Kiva, we now have… Flamenco music?

Predictably, the corpses turn to Orphenoch. Decade will probably become Faiz, will he have the same boooooring fighting style? We shall see…

Hmm, apparently, the other 9 Kamen Rider worlds are colliding. In order to save the worlds, Decade has to go and MURDER the other Kamen Riders. This mission is given to Decade by Wataru, in a very RPG manner. Wonder how many inevitable cameos we’ll get?

World 1 is Kuuga, which makes sense? It’s the oldest? Looks like they upgraded the monster costumes, which is cool. I’m thinking they’ve changed the actor for Kuuga? Unfortunately, I dropped Kuuga, and never really followed Hibiki nor Blade or even Kabuto. But I’m thinking, only the most recent Riders will likely have their original actors. Especially considering how old Kuuga is (10 years).

Aaaaand the ep’s ended. Good show so far, certainly we have the whole ‘shock value’ thing going.

Screencaps to come after I write a proper review. But I’d give this ep a 3.8 out of 4.0.

Meaning to say, it’s excellent (mostly due to the action, and this has as much action as Final Fantasy: Advent Children), but in anticipation that it’ll get better, not a full score. And there’s always the risk it’ll get worse, but for now… ah heck, that opening is just so awesome, I can’t help but enjoy myself. Even if the ep was bad (which it wasn’t), the awesomeness of the opening would have sustained my enjoyment through the whole ep anyway.


Rewatching the opening scene, because of how AWESOME it is. Decade is soooo using a God-mode cheat, ala “Who’s Your Daddy”. And his skills/spells are totally customised to be overpowered with silly high stats.

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