Links & Rant

Toy Links:
Fanmode – Totally one of the best toy resource sites out there. They’ve got the occasional article that’s top notch. Wish they wrote more.

Ben’s World of Transformers – Looks like Ben Yee is finally back. And he’s got quite a few reviews up these past weeks, awesome.

Poe Ghostal’s Point of Articulation – Yet another cool toy resource site to check out.

Online Action Figure Entertainment – Probably the best place to get your daily toy review fix.

Well here’s the thing. I would like to do shout outs to various toy sites or even to link to sites or pages that I just find amusing. But over time, Turquoise Version somehow ended up as being mostly about toy reviews, so I feel guilty posting stuff like updates on what the next reviews will be or anything that isn’t strictly a (toy) review. So I end up deleting these “non-entries”, especially once the review they preview is already written, or if it drops to the second page.

But I’d really like to show my appreciation to places like Fanmode or Battlegrip which have helped increased the readership of this blog. It’s not the biggest traffic on the net, but I’m pleased as cheese that there’s a consistent number of people whom I’m hopefully offering some form of entertainment to.

Not to beat around the bush anymore than I already have, the way I see it, in order to justify these “non-relevant” posts, I’m going to either mix them in with rants (preferably about toys or whatever else is relevant) or to just have a sufficiently large enough amount of content to justify making a full post out of this. I may even throw in a FPL character write-up from time to time.

Okay, onto business then.
Turquoise Version Preview: I have a series of reviews that I have already taken the pictures for. All that’s left right now is to write them. I’m very keen on them too. They’ll be reviews of 3 figures from 3 different lines of 3.75″ figures; G.I. Joe, Motion Revive Series and the latter’s predecessor, Full Action Figure. I’m planning to do a more comprehensive review on them, much like how I did with Sword Form, as opposed to my usual style where I tend to gloss over some aspects. Of course, these reviews will also feature comparisons between the figures/lines.

More links:
I recently discovered the art of Let’s Play, and I gotta say, the Princess Maker 2 is totally awesome and makes me want to re-download the game. Pity that it’s DOS, so I’ll probably need a DOS emulator or something.

As is the Monster Rancher Let’s Play. Although it doesn’t rock as much as the PM2 one in my view. Pity there’s no Azure Dreams Let’s Play.

Kinda late where I am, so I’ll cease here.

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2 Responses to Links & Rant

  1. Philip Reed says:

    Don’t stress about it too much. I think you should just write about anything that you want to.

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