Kamen Rider Knight

I am the goddamn Kamen Rider!

Oh thank you Goddamn Batman, for helping me think of an opening quote. This is part 2 of a 3 part series of reviews and comparisons between 3 different lines of 3.75″ figures (admittedly, 2 of those are Kamen Rider-centric). Part 1 can be found here.

Toy Story
From the 2002-2003 series of Kamen Rider Ryuki (redubbed as Kamen Rider Dragon Knight in the 2009 American adaptation), comes this Full Action Figure version of Kamen Rider Knight.

The premise of Kamen Rider Ryuki is basically Kamen Rider meets Highlander. 13 Kamen Riders must kill each other till there is only one, and that one gets his or her wish granted. Also, there are other spoilery stuff, but I’ve already spoiled enough.

Before I go into the meat of the review, I have to confess that Full Action Figure toys probably shouldn’t be comparable. Whereas G.I. Joe and Motion Revive Series (MRS) are actual lines, FAF only lasted a single wave. But still, they’re the spiritual ancestors of MRS, so it’s kinda fun to see how toy technology’s progressed (or stagnated).

General design-wise, Kamen Rider Ryuki as a whole, never really appealed to me. This is entirely because when I rediscovered Kamen Rider via the internet, and was presented by the non-buggy eyed designs of my youth, I balked at them.

Nowadays, as I look back on the Ryuki designs, some of them ain’t half bad. Zolda and Taiga are pretty neat and would fit in well with other lines. While Scissors still looks like the generic monster/resident chump that he was. The titular Kamen Rider Ryuki however, was and still is, a total douche in terms of character design (entirely because of the head design).

But we’re not talking about the above, this review is about Kamen Rider Knight. Who is has one of the nicer designs in the series. I originally hated it because it didn’t fit my grasshopper fetish in regards to Kamen Riders, but in retrospect, it’s a cool design. As the name suggests, he’s very knight-like with his visor look and all.

Knight is often compared to Batman, due to his bat sub-motif, cape and “pointy ears”, but I don’t see it, especially not in this toy form.

The FAF Kamen Rider Knight toy looks very nice. Like the other FAF figures, his proportions are rather slim, but this is appropriate given how he looked on the show. I can accept that he isn’t as bulky as some other figures.

Detail-wise, he’s surprisingly detailed with folds to his suit and all that lovely jazz. Which is nice because they could have left him bland, as his particular character design is rather sleek and skintight. Overall, FAF figures are surprisingly detailed, but as with their successors, the MRS, they don’t go overboard (so as to remain show accurate) and can look somewhat plain in comparison to stuff like G.I. Joe or even some Star Wars figures.

The only downside to Kamen Rider Knight and indeed, the whole FAF line/wave is that because they use regular ball-joints for their elbows, the elbows can end up looking rather weird. Their elbows are generically modular, so they aren’t as well integrated as with a Hasbro 3.75″ figure.

Nonetheless, a good looking figure. The proportions do feel weird when you’ve got better proportioned guys like the Joes and MRS on hand, but overall, I don’t have much to complain, and Knight can easily fit in as a minion of COBRAAAAAAAAALALALALALALA! as he could as a Kamen Rider.

3.0 out of 4.0

Despite their age, FAF figures are very well articulated and are comparable even against more modern toys. As with Joes and MRS, their articulation is standardized.

Ball-joint at base of neck (1)
Ball-jointed torso (2)
Ball-jointed shoulders (4)
Ball-jointed elbows (6)
Swivel wrists (8)
Ball-jointed hips (10)
Swivel upper thighs (12)
Ball-jointed knees (14)
Ball-jointed feet (16)

16 PoA, same as with G.I. Joe, but with one major and crucial difference. FAF Knight has swivel thighs whereas G.I. Joe does not. That makes all the difference in the world, as although Knight does not have a Joe’s double-jointed knees, he’s still way more posable.

The proof is in the pudding, just grab a couple FAF or even MRS figures, and put them in a professional wrestling hold. Or heck, a real wrestling hold. They can do it, no problem. Not so with a G.I. Joe. The ability to rotate the legs inward is pretty crucial for a highly effective articulation model, and Knight passes muster.

Knight also has a bit of an advantage over regular MRS figures, the top of his shoulders have a sufficient gap, allowing Knight to raise his arms straight up higher than most MRS figs.

There are no real downsides to Knight’s articulation model. His elbows look a little wonky but that’s already been covered. Otherwise, his design hide any flaws very well. Both his shoulders and knees look totally fine.

Vs Joes, Knight is superior or comparable in almost every way. The only thing is that he can’t bend his knees as much, but I’ve already covered how much superior Knight’s leg articulation and general posability is against Joes already, despite the lack of double-jointed knees.

Vs MRS, Knight doesn’t fair as well. Aside from his better shoulders, he’s either matched or outclassed by your typical MRS figure. Not to the degree that he looks bad, but MRS is simply better in terms of articulation.

Still, with ball-joints for everything, this is one uber duper fun toy to play with. I find myself having trouble scoring his articulation score, as he deserves a perfect 4.0 despite not being as articulated as humanly possible… oh well, you get what you deserve.

4.0 out of 4.0

Kamen Rider Knight only comes with one accessory; his signature longsword, which has some good detailing and paint applications. It’s not bad, and for the extremely good price I got him for, I’m totally fine with this amount of accessories.

It’s admittedly way less than what your standard G.I. Joe gets but still better than some Motion Revive Series, such as MRS 6’s Kamen Rider Rising Mighty Kuuga, who only has an extra pair of hands. It’s justified because that’s all the character would use, but still…

2.5 out of 4.0

Full Action Figure Kamen Rider Knight looks good, is articulated as heck and has a nice accessory. He’s slim, but that works in this particular case due to show accuracy. His proportions can be a little weird, especially around the elbows, but otherwise, there’s nothing I can really deduct him points for. A really solid figure that’s arguably the best in the entire FAF line.

4.0 out of 4.0

0.0 – 0.0 = I’d pay to get rid of it
0.1 – 0.5 = I’d give it away
0.6 – 1.0 = I wouldn’t take it for free
1.1 – 1.5 = Very Bad
1.6 – 2.0 = Bad
2.1 – 2.5 = Average
2.6 – 3.0 = Good
3.1 – 3.5 = Very Good
3.6 – 4.0 = Excellent

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30 Responses to Kamen Rider Knight

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  4. ramsesrivera says:

    I want to get my hands on the motion revives myself. They look and pose very cool. And I need more riders to join G.I. Joe.

    • updatedude says:

      Yeah, they’re pretty good with Joes, especially if you’re into the more sci-fi aspects of Joes, like the B.A.T.s or you don’t need your Joes to be all nitty gritty. Right now, Set 2 is floating around all over the place. It’s a good set with a nice mix of styles.

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  6. Maurício says:

    Loved this Knight figure!

    Can’t find it to buy! If you have any hint, or if want to sell this, please contact me!!!

  7. Peter says:

    Sir, would you like to sale your ‘Kamen Rider Full Action Figure’ Kamen Rider Knight to me??? i’m crazy about it,,, i’ve been search it for so long now…
    but still, no result…

    it would be better if you have all 10 pcs. from the set.

    Please Sir, don’t ignore me… if your not willing to sale it, just say so..
    just don’t ignore me.


    • updatedude says:

      Hi, glad to hear you enjoy the series. Unfortunately, these items are not for sale. Sorry.

      Perhaps you can see if you’re able to find any Motion Revive Series? Those are a little easier to find.

      Or if you just want Knight or Ryuki, you can see about getting the SIC Kiwami Tamashii versions.

      Thanks for reading.

      • Peter says:

        Thanx for reply… ^^
        Ok, i think i should give up already on that… T-T
        it’s still hard for me anyway… -_-”

        About the MRS line, i do collect them… still hunting for the rare & secret….

        3.75″ is my life man…. no matter it’s US or Japs.
        i don’t like the other scale… ^^

  8. Maurício says:

    Man, thanks for your help! Just got the MRS Best Selection and MRS series 3!! I couldn’t resist. As is Peter above, I LOVE 3.75″!!! They are quite fine with my Joes and Indy, Star Wars and Marvel Universe figures!

    Also, just waiting for my SIC Kiwami Tamashii Faiz and Ryuki!!

    If someone has interest in MRS, i got some doubles, we can trade them!

    • Peter says:

      Sir, could you email me at gelep007@yahoo.com your pic of double MRS???
      I wonder, maybe i’m interested…

      And,,, about SIC Kiwami stuff … it’s not in 3.75″ height right??
      that’s why i still keeping my hope until the end,
      that they will revive the ‘Full Action Figure/MRS’ once more!

      I also looking for Snake Eyes (movie ver.) from Joe’s..
      And others Marvel Universe on ‘Hall of Armor’ line.. ^^

      • Maurício says:

        Ok, I’ll e-mail you! Just for record, it’s MRS series 5, not 3 as I mentioned above.

        SIC Kiwami Tamashi are something between 3.75″ and 4″, you can check it in the reviews Updatedude made in this site! As he said, they can be the tall guys in your collection, it fits perfectly for Faiz, for example.

        I’m also DESPERATELY MAD looking for Full Action Figures Riders!!! I could only find them in this link http://www.japanesetoylink.com/Bandai/Sci-Fi/BAN-KR0068.htm, but someone on internet told they’re out of bussiness. I sent an e-mail with no response for them.

        If some have any information or link to someplace selling these, I’ll be eternally gratefull!

      • updatedude says:

        Cool, hope you guys can strike up a good deal.

        Oh man, you got Series 5 and 3? Awesome, I couldn’t find them myself. By the time I started using online stores to buy stuff, they were already sold out in most places. Congrats man.

        Oh, word of advice, series 4 of MRS is a little weak, since you get Zanki and Todoroki, who are just repaints of each other, and Ibuki’s shoulder (right one?) is sculpted in such a way that the articulation is limited. The other figures in the set are neat though.

        As for SIC KT, they fit in perfectly with Iron Man II, but are quite tall compared to MRS, Joes and Star Wars. If you have a 3.75″ Darth Vader, they’re about the same size as that.

        Also, yeah, I love this scale/size. Which is why I even buy Gundam MSiA, since they make excellent Battle Android Troopers to go with the other 3.75″ figures.

  9. Peter says:

    Ok, i really understand how you feel about the ‘Full Action Figures Riders”
    coz, same goes here indeed.. (-_-“)
    I’m waiting for your email Bro! ^^

    One thing about the SIC-KT that i trully sorry.. its the design… not movie-actual…
    that’s why i’m still not buy them…

    And thanx for the info about Gundam MSiA.. i do wonder when the 1st time i look
    how tall this figure… now i get it ^.^
    Because, most of the forum ussually don’t provide the ‘height’ info…

  10. updatedude says:

    Here’s a pic of a MSiA with Knight as a size comparison.

    And here is a link to a review with lots of pics and size comparisons between those two. Check out some of the poses you can get.


    • Peter says:

      Thanx Bro… i already check that link of yours…
      I now i get it.. ^^

    • Peter says:

      Sir, do you know “Kamen Rider Dragon Knight 4 inch Collectible Figure”
      that already sale on the market… i saw a lots of them on Amazon.com
      Could you give me the comparison pic of them with MRS?
      and MU or Joe’s or with similliar 3.75 Inch tall figure?


      • updatedude says:

        I’m afraid I don’t have any Dragon Knight toys. But here’s my take:

        Dragon Knight toys are pretty bad. NOT recommended.

        1) They are less detailed than MRS or even the Full Action figures.
        2) They are more expensive.
        3) They are less articulated.

        1) Right now, they are the only Dragon Knight/Ryuki figures of that scale.
        2) They have toys for the non-main Riders, such Ouja/Strike.
        3) Knight’s Contract Monster is actually pretty nice.

        Wait and see if they go on clearance. Not recommended at full price.

  11. Maurício says:

    Yeah, I’m finishing a back up and will send you an e-mail! In fact Sic KT are revisions of original designs, but they usually work very well (see Hibiki and Faiz reviews on this site). I loved the Ryuki’s one, can’t miss this!!

    Man, in fact I got series 5, not series 3, I typed wrong before :(. But I got the Rider First alone from series 4, and love him!! I have 2 of him, actually, cos’ it was cheap, planning to custom it to make Rider 2 but, now I’ve got series 5, lets see if I can trade him!

    You still can find series 5 on Ebay, however!

    Also, my Hibiki from Best Selection have some problems with arms side range, and it’s a shame, because would be nice see him shaking its “drumsticks” (?) to my Cobra Officers!!! :D

    • Maurício says:

      Oh, and thanks, Updatedude, for allowing us to use your site for a better communication!

      You’re the man!

    • Peter says:

      Bro, check your email please…. ^^ (no need to hurry though)
      for MRS, i only had vol.1 which is:
      1. Kabuto
      2. Kick Hopper
      3. Punch Hopper
      4. Dark Kabuto (Secret Character)
      5. Den-O Sword Form
      6. Den-O Rod Form
      7. Den-O Axe Form

      And the others that i buy it in single offers is:
      1. TheBee
      2. Ichigo The Next! (i buy the Cyclone #1 from ‘Ultimate Solid’ line, and it looks AMAZINGLY GOOD!!!)
      3. Garren (with halfe mask broken / battle damaged ver. –> secret char.)
      4. Kuuga Pegasus Form
      5. Kuuga Mighty (with gold plate on right leg)
      6. Blade

      Still in my top buying list is:
      1. Nigo The Next!
      2. V3 The Next!
      3. White Hibiki (Kyosuke secret character)

      If anyone can help me, please do offers them with nice price offcourse ^^
      because, i can’t afford to buy at evilBay..
      thanx a bunch…

      especially for ‘Updatedude’, for all your concern and kindness…
      you really nice.. this is the 1st time i find a guy like you on the net. ^^

  12. Maurício says:

    Hi! Just answered you! I got the Ichigo in double!

    Sent you a price, but we can negotiate!


  13. Peter says:

    Bro, do you have other character from ‘Full Action Figure Kamen Rider”
    beside Kamen Rider Knight?? I really want to see it all…. ^^

  14. Theguywhocanseeeverything says:

    Lol,what’s Blackarachnia doing there??

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