MRS Kuuga Rising Mighty Form

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Back to a MRS review, this time we’re looking at Motion Revive Series 6: Kuuga (Rising Mighty Form). One of the most recent waves of MRS as of this writing, MRS6 boasts painted accessories for its figures, but at a higher price range and there are only 6 unique figures (including the secret) in the set of 8 pieces, rather than previous waves which had 7 unique figures. So you’re going to end up with two duplicates rather than just one. But hey, it’s MRS, I still plopped down the quid for the whole set the moment I saw ’em.

Kuuga has a simplistic costume design which I didn’t initially like when I first saw the show. But like MRS Kamen Rider Den-O’s Sword Form, the toy totally appeals to me. I don’t know, there’s a certain feeling of high quality with Kuuga; stemming from it’s paint job and the nice and tight joints (although possibly the higher pricing clouds my perception?). Heck, the design of his legs even hides his ankle joints better than most MRS, giving a more solid and “professional” feel to the toy.

In all, Kuuga is simple yet effective. He’s got the classic Kamen Rider buggy eyes, a neato head crest and a nice eastern armor feel to him. He’s not especially covered in detail because his design is pretty plain to begin with, but if you pay attention, you can see some pretty impressive runes sculpted onto his gold trim (I apologize, I had pics that showcase his runes, but the lighting was bad and the pictures turned out blurry. I erased them, but forgot to take fresh pics with this photo shoot). And of course, his belt buckle is exquisitely done.

3.1 out of 4.0

Kuuga has your standard MRS articulation.

Balljoint at base of neck (1).
Double balljointed pectorals/shoulders (5)
Swivel upper biceps (7)
Double jointed elbows (11)
Swivel wrists (13)
Balljointed mid-torso (14)
Balljointed hips (16)
Swivel upper thighs (18)
Double jointed knees (22)
Balljointed feet (24)

I’m glad to say that like the majority of MRS figures, Kuuga has no niggling little problems. Usually, a MRS figure’s primary problem lies in their flashy shoulder guards or chest piece protrusions which (while show accurate) can hinder their shoulder/arm movements somewhat. Since Kuuga’s shoulder guards are sculpted straight onto his shoulders, he has no limitations there, and they don’t restrict his shoulders all that much despite their bulk. You can get the full MRS articulation treatment from Kuuga.

4.0 out of 4.0

Kuuga sucks in this department. Not as bad as Full Action Figure Kamen Rider Ryuki, but he’s still pretty lacking. All Kuuga comes with are an extra pair of “choppy” hands.

While I can appreciate that as the basic form of the titular character of a children’s martial arts/action series, Mighty Kuuga uses no weapons, I can’t help feeling gyped, considering the price hike that came with this wave. It also doesn’t help that I got another Kuuga as my duplicate.

At least by being choppy hands, it means he can use it to strike the classic Kamen Rider pose.

2.0 out of 4.0

Kuuga’s only flaw is the lack of accessories, but in conjunction with the price hike (and for me, being my duplicate), it does take away from my enjoyment of the figure a little.

Putting that aside, Kuuga is a very standard MRS figure, and that’s a good thing. A very good thing. He looks great, if not particularly flashy; and he has plenty of articulation.

3.6 out of 4.0

0.0 – 0.0 = I’d pay to get rid of it
0.1 – 0.5 = I’d give it away
0.6 – 1.0 = I wouldn’t take it for free
1.1 – 1.5 = Very Bad
1.6 – 2.0 = Bad
2.1 – 2.5 = Average
2.6 – 3.0 = Good
3.1 – 3.5 = Very Good
3.6 – 4.0 = Excellent

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