Ranting and Linking

NOT a Haruhi Suzumiya rant.

First things first, some toy links.

– I’ve mentioned before that I dig the articles at Fanmode and recently, they’ve come out with a couple great articles here and here.
BattleGrip has a cool Transformers Animated Swindle review, but I’d recommend the entirety of the green week line-up.
– I don’t link to Articulated Discussion enough.
– Meanwhile, Action Figure Reviews is also short on linkages.

In all, I realize there’s not many new linkages, but it’s been a busy couple weeks. Otherwise, I’d love to link to some amusing sites or something. Most of y’all already know the above links anyway, heck, you probably got here from there. But I dig everyone of youse. Sentimentality/Sucking-up aside, here are some previews for what’s on tap.

That last pic, of the red dude (Motion Revive Series (MRS): Kamen Rider Kabuto) slamming the purple dude (MRS: Kamen Rider Hibiki), previews a review I’m particularly looking forward to, and also represents a rant that I shall soon unleash upon the internets. And that soon, is now.

A Tale of Two (or More) Engineering
The gist of this rant is it’s kind of hard to keep reviewing certain toy lines because the toys are all more or less the same.

See, the thing is, I buy toys that I think I will like. I don’t go out of my way to buy stuff I know I won’t enjoy. And among the toys I enjoy are the 3.75″ G.I. Joes/COBRA and the Motion Revive Series of Kamen Riders. But the problem is, once you buy one, you’ve pretty much bought ’em all.

While each figure within a line can look dramatically different from its fellows, the thing is, they all pretty much share the same engineering. Cosmetics and accessories aside, one 25th Anniversary Joe is pretty much the same as the next, and the same goes for MRS figures, perhaps even more so. Now, I’m not really complaining about that, especially since we’re talking about pretty awesome base designs for each.

I actually like that I’ll know what to expect when I get a Joe or MRS or Microman. This extends to even larger figures like S.H. Figuarts and Souchaku Henshin. Whereas if I want a Star Wars figure, I’d have to look closely to make sure it’ll have the articulation I want.

But the problem with reviewing figures who share a generic base design is that after a while, it can get repetitive. Take MRS figures for instance, basically, they’re all excellent, and most of them are essentially identical in terms of sculpt quality and articulation.

There’s only so many times I can talk about how they’re spot on show accurate for their size and how the only limitation to their articulation is the inability to do a perfectly identical Karate Kid pose. Or that they have few accessories but that’s okay because of their low pricing.

The same goes for G.I. Joe.

And that’s the rant. There are actually plenty of solutions to this problem, like adding more humor, more pics or mixing up the reviews more. But I’m not gonna dwell on that, there’s no resolution to this rant. It’s just something to get off my chest.


Now putting that rant aside, I feel guilty making posts with no “content”, which is why you’re getting the links and preview pics above. Also, fyi, you’d be getting a Haruhi rant or an actual review instead of this, but my connection’s uber slow lately, so I can’t upload pics for review, and Haruhi… well, we’ll get to her the next time I need to pad this blog whenst I’m unable to do proper reviews.

Scoring myself, the links were okay but there’s few and nothing new. The rant is a tad pointless because I didn’t want to ramble on. On the positive side, I think the preview pics are pretty decent. So 2.6 out of 4.0, score brought up thanks to the pics.

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