20+ K Special Edition

Turquoise Special Version

Direct Download (7.06 MB)

Here we go, a special toy comic, completed for y’all.

I don’t usually ask for comments, but if you enjoy this, do tell. Give pointers and such.

Special thanks to http://www.fanmode.net and http://www.poeghostal.com for tuning you guys here. I know this isn’t like the Oscars or something, so there’s no need to thank gratuitously, but I appreciate the traffic. Of course, then there are chaps like Phil Reed over at http://www.battlegrip.com, http://www.articulateddiscussion.com/default.aspx and even the http://www.oafe.net guys who y’know, contribute to the hobby. A shout out to any TFW2005 visitors here as well.

Also, http://www.electricferret.com/fpl

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