News and non-reviews

News of interest to me, and perhaps yourselves.

Item #1: Grif Ball figure, eek! There are few toy news that make me spaz out. An announcement of an Armada Unicron re-issue is one, as I missed out the first time (got it now though). And a Grif Ball variant of McFarlane’s Halo 3 line is another. While I have never actually played Halo, and have no desire to do so; amongst my favorite web series is Red vs Blue (of which Grif is one of the characters). The series uses the Halo game engine to provide the animation, while a group known as Rooster Teeth provide the voice acting. It’s pretty funny and cool and stuff. It’s also the only reason why I would even bother with the toyline. And now they’re coming out with Grif Ball. This is awesome news.

Fyi, Grif Ball is apparently an actual fast paced multiplayer map/game on Halo, with it’s own tourneys and leagues and so forth. Of course, the real reason why I’d want a Grif is that it’s a chance to get a Grif figure. And this guy would officially be Grif. Whereas the red Mk-VI Spartan I have is only pretend Sarge.

I doubt I’ll ever get this figure, but just the fact that it’s out there is rocking news.

Item #2: Crow Crowned Champ. Caw! I never got the old Fantastic figures, like Ramathor and all those other guys. And chances are, I won’t get this crow dude for the same reason (I can’t friggin’ find it here). But much like Grif, it’s simply cool this figure will be out there.

Item #3: Upcoming Turquoise Version reviews include Transformers Animated Deluxe Optimus Prime from the Battle Begins 2-Pack. Armada Transmetal Airazor. Motion Revive Series wave 4 Kamen Rider Kiva & wave 6 Kiva: Emperor Form. Souchaku Henshin Kamen Rider Blade (possibly an entire feature for the Blade series).

Additionally, book 2 of Carol Berg’s Rai Kirah Trilogy, Revelation. The Superman: Doomsday direct-to-dvd movie. And (possibly) other stuff, such as impressions of the new anime shows coming out right now.

Item #4: Upcoming Turquoise Version purchases include Busou Shinki Benio (saw her for a good price today, will get tommorrow if she’s still there). I’m also mighty tempted to get Transformers Legends Wheelie because… well, it’s Wheelie.

Item #5: That is all. Thank you.

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