Haul 2009_04_16

I have never been a particularly big fan of “Toy Haul” posts, it always seemed like pure showing off. And I admit, I am showing this lot off partly out of plastic pride and partially because I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to properly review them. If I do review them, it’ll likely be in a batch review along with the KT Collection Deluxe “Dead or Alive” figures. For yes, these girls are apparently from the same “line” of toys.

Gah, well, how to explain… The five girls you see in the middle are from a Japanese comic/cartoon series called Tenjou Tenge. It’s… well, in my view, it’s a series that has good (if OVERly boobilicious) art, and the story had potential, but in the end, boiled down to lame fanservice. Naturally, it had its fair share of merchandise, including this set of posable trading figures. They’re not gashapons per se, instead, based on their articulation style and engineering/design, I would deduce that they are a followup to the 2004(?) set of “Dead or Alive” trading figures known as KT Collection (of which the ninja girl on the far right is one of).

I got this set loose, so I didn’t get the full set of accessories, but I’m fine with that. Although it also means I don’t have their boxes and therefore can’t provide their y’all with their official names. FYI, I also got the KT Collection DX DOA set on 2009_04_10 (thanks to a friend, still need to pay him) and Konami’s MMS Busou Shinki Benio: Samurai Type on 2009_04_09.

All of which I hope to review when I find some free time. Anyhow, enough with the text, on with the pics.

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