Stopmotion Links

The following are some of my fave stopmotion links. They’re kinda old, but I figured, hey, now that YouTube’s allowing higher vid quality, it’s a good chance to redownload them. So here we go:

Sazer X Ending stopmotion. Never really saw Sazer X, just an ep or two at random. Uses Busou Shinki.

Actual Sazer X Ending, for comparison.

Lucky Star Opening, using Kamen Rider Den-O Souchaku Henshin figures.

Comparison of the above.

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Closing. Also using Souchaku Henshin figures featuring Kamen Rider Den-O characters.


Edit: Don’t know why this didn’t show up earlier. Yes! Precure 5 Ending for a clearer comparison with the stopmotion. I figure a “clean” Lucky Star opening should be no problem to find by oneself.

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