Toy News

Not news per se, unless you count old news. But there’s 3 upcoming Figma that I’ll probably get.

Figma Signum I will definitely buy. She’s from the Magical Lyrical Nanoha series (debuting in season 2 and appearing in season 3), and it looks like she’s got her full assortment of weapons.

I got Nanoha long ago, but couldn’t find Fate. Then saw both Fate and Hayate. I overpaid for them, but oh well. I’d definitely grab a Figma Vita and Subaru “Rainbows are straighter than” Nakajima. I maaaay get Teana, but only for completionist sake.

Figma Drossel from Disney’s Fireball. To be blunt, she just looks cool. There have been other cool looking Figma before, and I’ve resisted them. But this one I’ll probably grab.

Figma Billy Herrington. If you do not buy a Billy Herrington, then you sir, are GAY.

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