Fuyoh! Fanmode & Rants

Warning: Random musing post.

So I was surfing the net, found Fuyoh! and remembered that was one of the blogs I used to visit quite a bit for toy stuff. But that was before I started buying toys myself, so eventually I moved on (or more accurately, my bookmarks up and disappeared). Later one, I came across Fanmode and all was cool again. I recently revisited Fuyoh! and only now realized that’s the original site for Fanmode.

Small net. Anyway, there’s a few articles I wanna link to here. All on Fuyoh! though I think they’re available on Fanmode as well.

Stormtrooper Review: I just think this review more or less sums it up for every Storm Trooper. Now, I realize for a true connoisseur of Stormtroopers, bunching every iteration of the toy together is a mark that I’m a blasphemer. But I do think that despite the different molds and parts swapping and paint deco that the Storm Troopers have; because they all share the same structure and articulation, they’re all just short of great. And now, as toys progress, they’re getting left further and further behind. What was once just shy of greatness, is now getting just shy of “pretty good”.

All they need are the tweaks mentioned in the review, and Stormtroopers would be a solid entry into any collection, regardless of whether there are “better” 3.75″ scale figures out there. Although I presume that’s getting harder and harder to do. Hasbro would have to design and manufacture a whole new pair of hips and maybe lower torso in order to “perfect” the Stormtrooper. But doing so would mean incompatibility with their already large library of hips and lower torsos. I imagine the rest of the body parts can still be compatible, but they’d have to start from scratch for every Stormtrooper revisit, whereas now, they can just mix and match from their already considerable selection of hips and lower torsos.

Mind you this is just conjecture on my part, but I’d still love it if Hasbro went ahead and “perfect” the Stormtrooper.

Busou Shinki primer: I plan to be doing some Busou Shinki reviews soon, and will likely link and/or paraphrase some of the info mentioned here. Fuyoh!/Fanmode’s Busou Shinki primer is probably the best (English) source of entry info for Busou Shinki on the net right now. Arguably, the best in the world.

Yeah, post ends here. I didn’t mean to rant in linking to the Stormtrooper article, but oh well.

As per always, visit fanmode.net for the best in links for your toy appreciation needs.

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