Kamen Rider Decade 15 (& 14)

Talking is a free action!

Easily the funniest episode of Decade yet. It’s been a long time since I actually laughed at a show, and this ep got me laughing. It’s a genuinely hilarious ep.

To sum it up, in episode 14, Decade goes to Den-O’s world, where Den-O’s original cast put in a cameo, complete with their respective catchphrases. The episode not only featured the Decade cast in weird outfits as they get possessed by the good Imagin/Monsters, but Kamen Rider Den-O himself actually got to be an effective fighter. This is significant because prior to this, the Kamen Riders that Decade faced were pretty ineffectual and more or less superfluous. Otherwise, this was a pure fanwank episode, moreso than any other.

For ep 15, they’re done with most of the cameos and the episode is just a huge free for all fight with lots of fourth wall breaking humor. That’s one of the things about the Den-O world that makes it so funny. The premise of the show isn’t anything too far out compared to other Kamen Rider series, nor are other Kamen Rider series immune to the Rule of Funny that Den-O follows more often than not. But Den-O seems very self aware that it’s not exactly the most angsty entry into the Kamen Rider franchise, which gives it a genuinely funny edge.

I think it’s a strength of these two episodes that they’re feel so traditionally Den-O that fans are arguing on whether or not this episode is set in the actual Den-O continuity. Up to now, aside from maybe Kuuga’s and Agito’s worlds (which are obviously not the originals, since they both have an all new cast), none of the worlds have been true to their roots. I could rant on this point, but I won’t, instead, let’s get on with the episode review.

To be brief, this is a good and very very funny episode, chocked full of action and self referential humor. But there are a few interesting points of note:

a) During a scuffle with the Crocodile Imagin, DiEnd summoned 3 Riot Troopers. This is awesome. Riot Troopers are massed produced Riders from the series Faiz. Despite being mauve shirts, Riot Troopers were still undeniably cool. Probably because not only did they look cool and represented a whole new breed/concept for Kamen Rider, but they were NOT red shirts. Riot Troopers can also be seen in the Rider War sequence in Decade, where they ARE red shirts.

b) Yuusuke (Kuuga) has been under the possession of Momotaros for two whole episodes, when he finally recovers, he has no memory of what’s happened. However, he’s told by Decade to jump into a fray, and what Yuusuke sees is a green monster and the DEVIL INCARNATE LORD SATAN HIMSELF duking it out. Naturally, Yuusuke transforms into Kuuga and does the Rider Kick on SATAN THE LORD OF LIES… only, turns out, it’s not Satan, it’s Momotaros, and he’s a good guy… whoops!

This is also why this ep is so undeniably Den-O and why it’s so effin’ funny. Because Yuusuke can’t be blamed for thinking Momotaros is the villain, and it’s typical Den-O humor to break that fourth wall. The truth is, Momotaros looks like the freaking devil. If you show him to someone who doesn’t know Kamen Rider, they’ll think he’s the villain of the series. If you show his toy to someone, even if he’s being sold alongside Platform, they’ll think it’s a hero vs villain pack. And it’s totally true, this is stuff that’s happened “In Real Life” to myself (at least twice). So I’m glad they decided to “go there”.

c) Talking is a free action.. You see that pic at the top? That scene, no, that frame lasted around a minute and a half, during which, Decade informed a surprised Kuuga that Satan is actually one of the good guys, Satan chews Kuuga out for kicking the star of the show, and even the Crocodile Imagin is telling them to stop screwing around. Awesome!

d) It’s always been theorized that Sieg’s pose is in reference to Kamen Rider Kabuto, and this ep confirms it. Also, in true Sieg fashion, he comes out of nowhere for a brief cameo, just as he’s always done.

So, great episode, you should try to catch it if you can. If nothing else, at least watch this clip:

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