Kamen Rider Decade 16


Just saw the RAW of Kamen Rider Decade 16 (featuring Kabuto’s world) on YouTube, and oh em gee, it rocks. Okay, so it’s not very Kabuto-ish, but not only does it have Grandmother, lots and LOTS of finger pointing toward the heavens and albino Zect Troopers? But it has some of the best fights in Decade and some of the funniest scenes ever. The funny bits were of course, Den-O based. There was a reference to Pyonko-tan and the Attack Rides of the Den-O crew are AWESOME. My god, they rocked sooooo hard. What happens is, Decade takes on Den-O’s various forms, and the Attack Ride cards allow Decade to access… their catchphrases! It’s totally hardcore. It’s the equivalent of a Dan Hibiki Super Taunt.

As for the fights, looks like we finally find out where all the budget that was supposed to be for animating Kivaara went. They’ve gone all out by having plenty of “Clock Up” (Bullet Time) action. Not only that, but they FINALLY used Faiz in the most obvious way possible. I’m left wondering if they’ve been holding off on using Faiz just so that his appearance here would have more impact. For you see, Kamen Rider Faiz has an alternate form known as Accel Form, which allows him to fight in “Bullet Time”, much like the cast of Kabuto with their “Clock Up” ability.

Anyway, it’s a pretty good episode that touches on all the references and caps it off with some nice battles. It doesn’t feel very Kabuto-ish, but hey, with the “2 eps per world” format they’re using, it’s hard to capture the essence of a series like Kabuto. At least there’s plenty of Kabuto angst. You can catch the episode via the above embedded video and the two below here.

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