First up are Microman Cyborg Superman and Supergirl. I believe they came out in 2006. I’d do a quick mini review, but I should save it for the full review later. Just a side note, Supergirl comes with 10 pairs of additional hands. That’s a lotta hands.

Next we have Motion Revive Series: Xenosaga III: KOS-MOS (ver. 4) and T-ELOS. How do these girls stack up to regular Motion Revive Series figures like Kiva or his Emperor Form? We shall see!

Finally, a Microman 2-pack from the series Wecker Signa. Comes with a DVD (could be just a CD, dunno, haven’t checked) of I believe episode 2 of the series. Onigumo on the right is just a repaint of another Microman figure I think, an Acroyear. But fits the show character pretty well. Intentional? Probably.

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2 Responses to Hauliday

  1. TAO says:

    I’m digging that Supergirl.

    • updatedude says:

      Yeah, I was planning on doing an Articulated Decision on these, but mayhaps I’ll just arbitrarily decide? Anywho, review of Supergirl to come soonish.

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