RotF: Sideswipe (Redux)

Now with pics!

Toy Story
I did a review of Revenge of the Fallen Sideswipe before here. Of course, in that one, I didn’t take any pics. Now that just ain’t right, so here’s a little revisit. How do I feel about Sideswipe now that I’ve got more time to fiddle with him?


Sideswipe’s a bodacious car with a paintjob on the level of a Premium figure. Put him side by side with Premium Jazz and there’s very little difference between them. He’s sleek, he’s sporty, and he’s reminiscent of Animated Blurr. In short, he looks fantastic.

If there’s one problem though, it’s that the gaps in the paneling can be quite obvious, especially if they’re not aligned perfectly when you transform him.

3.9 out of 4.0

Robot Mode
Like his vehicle mode, Sideswipe looks great. He looks good even if you’re not into the Michael Bay aesthetics, although the wheeled chicken legs for his lower legs is in contrast with a generally traditional design.

Of note are his hips, which are actually attached a pair of clear ball joints, but made to look like they’re attached to a pair of smaller, piston-type ball joints. This gives a cool floating effect. And another thing is that he has an emblem on his chest that is not readily noticeable, but it’s the same as the one on the hood of his car. It’s sort of a “V” or pair of wings thing.

4.0 out of 4.0


Wheels turn, and the quadruple exhaust ports can extend out. That’s about it, but hey, it’s a car. What’d you expect? The rear wheels can have kibble issues depending on how you transform him.

2.2 out of 4.0

Sideswipe is what you’d call a Massage-former. You can technically transform him step by step, but if you’re not working off of instructions, then all you gotta do is just move his parts in a reasonable manner and sort of “massage” everything into place. Otherwise, the paneling and the alignment is gonna get all over the place. Not my favorite kind of transformation, but there are interesting bits in there. He’s kind of complicated though, so I wouldn’t recommend doing him without instructions unless you’re a long time TF fan who habitually doesn’t use instructions.

2.1 out of 4.0

Robot Mode
Articulation is plentiful, especially on the upper body. There’s some kibble issue in regards to the backpack and the giant forearm chopsticks. But the main issue as pointed out in the previous review, are his Michael Bay feet. Basically he has a hard time standing. If you fiddle with him, you can get him to stand in a stable manner, but you have to actually fiddle with him for each pose. As every time you change pose, you’re going to have to readjust his feet in order to achieve stability. He’s capable of some dynamic posing, but it’s nowhere as easily executed as say, compared to Protoform Prime.

His hips are also slightly limited due to the false ball joint mechanism, although it’s still in acceptable parameters, but as noted in the prior review, he lacks the major rotating (swivel) movement in his limbs. It’s not as bad as with some figures.

When’s all said and done, Sideswipe is pretty decent at striking a pose for display purposes, but not for the kind of successive posing you’d do with the likes of say, First Strike Optimus Prime or even Battle Begins Prime. Pick a pose, and stick with it.

He’s decent enough, but nothing to get excited about.

2.4 out of 4.0

He has no gun, and therefore no missiles, and therefore no accessories. Since he’s a Transformer, the lack of accessories is to be expected and wouldn’t factor into his final score.

0.0 out of 4.0

A good toy, but I wouldn’t pay more than retail for it. As per the conclusion in the previous review, Sideswipe looks totally awesome, but there’s nothing about him that makes him a top tier purchase. He’s not bad, but he’s middle of the road (maybe leaning on up). There are other RotF toys to grab if you’re a fan of the movie aesthetic, and I’d recommend getting a Universe toy if you’re not into the movie look.

Pros: Looks awesome in either mode. Lots of options for fan modes and configurations.
Cons: Articulation is “only” decent, and has stability and kibble issues. Nothing crippling, but they add up to keep Sideswipe from being uberlicious.

2.5 out of 4.0

0.0 – 0.0 = I’d pay to get rid of it
0.1 – 0.5 = I’d give it away
0.6 – 1.0 = I wouldn’t take it for free
1.1 – 1.5 = Very Bad
1.6 – 2.0 = Bad
2.1 – 2.5 = Average
2.6 – 3.0 = Good
3.1 – 3.5 = Very Good
3.6 – 4.0 = Excellent

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4 Responses to RotF: Sideswipe (Redux)

  1. Monte says:

    The movie aesthetic is growing on me, and I’d have never believed that would be possible. Have they toned it down, or am I just getting used to it?

    Whatever the case, I love his robot mode.

    • updatedude says:

      Sideswipe’s a bit of a special case though. He does look good, but that doesn’t mean one has to like the movie aesthetic. Personally, I still don’t like ’em. But there’s a few that I dig.

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