Ho ho ho everybody, Merry Slavemas!

First up is Takara’s KM-06 Microman, from the 2006 iteration of the Kiguru series. The Microman Kiguru series were Micromen packs that included a rubber monster suit for your Microman to dress up in, as if they were suit actors. It started with Gojira suits, and they even had Ghidrah and Jet Jaguar suits. This 2006 version is in commemoration of both the Gamera’s 40th anniversary as well as the 2006 Gamera movie. Includes a little pre-kaiju Gamera and some sorta mutative egg thingy. Extra hands as per usual with Microman, as well as stickers which I’ll totally not be using.

Second is the Transformers Screen Battles: Final Stand set. The Takara version, which seems to be the same as the Hasbro version except that it has a sticker on the box with Japanese wording of some sort. This is the primary purchase of this haul, the rest were bought for the combined shipping. Honestly, I just wanted the set for Longarm. Couldn’t care less about BumbleBay.

P.S. Longarm’s pretty awesome.

Another Takara Microman, this one is MA-32. The character is Ryujino, from the TV series Ryukendo. I just got him because he looked cool. What I REALLY want from the Microman/Ryukendo license is a bunch of those Eyeball-Head evil minions from the series. But Ryujino’s cool. Accessories are relatively few, but he still gets the extra Microman hands and stand.

Waffe Dolphin, an accessory pack for my Busou Shinki. That is all.

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2 Responses to Hauliday

  1. Orcinus says:

    Cool, more weapons for Zelnograd!

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