Hauliday: Grail Edition

Revenge of the Fallen Depthcharge, naturally. But I also got Universe Lugnutz, a re-release of the Cybertron Lugnutz mold. Don’t have him off hand, but pics have already been taken for a future review.

Depthcharge is also gonna have a photo session and review.

G.I. Joe, the COBRA 5-Pack. Not a grail, but it certainly mostly completes my COBRA collection. Now all I need is a B.A.T. and Dr. Mindbender and I’m set. I’ll be giving the Crimson Twins a miss though. Incidentally, Zartan’s the surprise hit of this set for me, just sayin’.

Next up is Busou Shinki Arnval. While she was never on the top of my “to get” list, that’s because I always figured I’d just get one of the original two Shinkis. Didn’t think I could afford both. In that sense, Arnval’s more grail-like than the rest of the haul, because I never thought I’d get her.

Then we have Busou Shinki Strarf, the second of the original Shinki. I wanted to get her updated version, but they’re way overpriced.

And for the cherry on top, my holy grail…

Yuppers, Alternators Smokescreen. I started collecting Transformers too late, and totally missed out on all the Alternators. But if there’s one Alternator I’ve always wanted, it’s Smokescreen. I never thought I’d get him though. The secondary market prices for this guy was just way over the limit for me. Obviously, I got him at a price I felt to be reasonable.

He’s pretty awesome too, the condition of this piece is pretty good. A little dusty, and there’s a slight paint problem at one spot where the plastic’s transparent and the paint got slightly scraped off. Nothing big. I can live with it. Haven’t transformed him though, because he’s suuuuuch a beautiful car. And I don’t even like cars.

Now the only Holy Grail I have left, is Masterpiece Prime.


Holy Grail: Masterpiece Prime, Armada Unicron (got)
holy grail: Alternators Smokescreen (got)
Grail: Cybertron Leader Prime + Sonic Bomber
grail: RID Megatron (might be getting soon)

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