Of things yet to come

1-2-3 Let’s JaAm!

GRARGH! Going off this weekend, and short on time these week days. BUT, took a photo session of Universe Blades and LAM Longarm for review while I’m away. I’m not satisfied with the pics, since I depend on natural light for best quality, and today’s sun is all weird shades of clear yet subdued and having strange coloration. But oh well.

I also have Cybertron Lugnutz in the wings somewhere. His photo session was taken before I shifted to the new background. So, not great. But it’s something to review.

I’ll be working on resizing and uploading the pics while I’m still here, also I’m slated to get RotF Voyager Megatron soon-ish. If I get him before I go, I’ll review ’em.

At’s it. Hope y’all like the boogie woogie-ness.

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