Hauliday 20090711 (Updated)

Pics and Mini-Reviews added.

Duel Maids are as yet, unopened, but I opened GaoGaiGo and now I REALLY want to get GaoFighGar. This guy just ooooozes GARness. A little top heavy and the shoulder pads can get in the way a bit, but man, the moment I opened this guy, I was impressed. And then you notice all the work they put in the sculpt, jeepers!

GaoGaiGo: Just all around impressive looking with nice heft. Very nicely detailed, they could have cut corners, but instead, made as show accurate a figure as they could. Accessories are the Dividing Driver (not shown) and some extra hands.

Articulation restricted due to design and back heaviness though.

Duel Maid: Elite (variant): At 13 cm/5 inches, they don’t scale with 6″ figs very well. Not even as petite oriental maids. Although considering anime likes to make everyone aged 14, I guess that’s about right. They DO scale fairly well with things like Souchaku Henshin though. I guess I need to get me an Urataros.

These figures are designed to be taken apart and reassembled very easily. But unlike say, the Q-Joy figures (most well known for the Haruhi Catgirls), they don’t keep falling apart.

Articulation is pretty good but not phenomenal. Luckily, you get a stand, which will help with poseability a lot.

Overall, I’m pleased with this first Duel Maid released from her plastic prison.

Extra: Note the S-Rank Zettai Ryouki.

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7 Responses to Hauliday 20090711 (Updated)

  1. Matt says:

    I see that GoaGaiGar at my local comic shop every time I go and I’ve thought about buying it a few times, but for $40, it just doesn’t seem worth it. I’m sure actually watching the show would change my mind.

    • updatedude says:

      That partly depends on which version you’re talking about. Naturally, there’s the vintage version that’s pretty cool, but lacks articulation.

      There’s stuff like this guy I got, who is actually just a small, untransformable version, and relatively cheap.

      And then there’s the newer, show accurate stuff with diecast. Those are naturally the best, but out of my buying range.

  2. Matt says:

    Is it about five inches tall? If so, it’s the same one I see all the time; at least the box looks the same.

    I’ve seen pictures of some of the diecast versions, and yes, those do always look better. Having never invested in chogokin, I’m always on the lookout for a cheap gateway piece, but it’s a slippery economic slope from there.

    Nonetheless I might end up getting this (http://www.collectiondx.com/news_item/06112009/gx_48_soul_of_chogokin_big_o_updated_with_color_pics) if I can save up some cash for it within the next two months. Fortunately the new Transformers and G.I. Joe lines interest me about as much as a bowl of soggy Cheerios, so I might just be able to make this one work. Like you, I’ve always tried to spend my toy money on small (1/18th) figures, but it’s always refreshing to get a larger, substantial figure in there, especially if it’s a robot and ESPECIALLY if that robot has a Steampunk/Japanese Batman aesthetic.

    • updatedude says:

      FYI, got this guy at http://www.hlj.com for a little over 1000 Yen (10 USD) + Shipping. There’s a 70% clearance on this guy at the moment. I’m tempted to grab GaoFighGar now (3600 Yen after discount), on the strength of this guy.

    • updatedude says:

      Oh, and yeah, this is probably the one you always see. Not worth it at 40 bucks. At that price, you’re better off with a Leader Class or at least something more substantial. Again, refer to the other reply, there’s a sale at HLJ for this guy.

      As for figure scales, personally, I like generic looking designs for my robots. Transformers are cool, they’re my gateway plasticrack, but it’s kinda hard to justify putting Voyager Prime with a Joe. The size doesn’t mesh unless a) The TFs are not TFs so much as big robots or b) Joes are like those aliens from the G1 cartoon, where every humanoid alien is giant sized compared to our earth variety.

      Anywho, yeah, I like “Generic” designs for the purposes of interplaying with my other size classes.

  3. Matt says:

    Oops, should’ve hit “Reply.” That’s the price I pay for writing at 4 AM, I guess. Double-posting, too.

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