Hauliday 20090717

He knew too much. They had to shut him up. Agent Destro: Iron M.A.S.K.

Got the Rise of Cobra Destro, I’ll get a proper review of him up once the sun comes up and I can take non-cyan/blue tinted pictures. Also got the Resolute 5-Pack.

Meanwhile, here are more pics of Destro.

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2 Responses to Hauliday 20090717

  1. Wes says:

    Hm, does your camera have a white balance setting? If it does, you should try fiddling with it — that way you’d be able to take non-tinted photos any time of day! At the editing level, there are also lots of graphics programs that’ll allow you to correct for that sort of thing.

    In any case, that Destro looks pretty cool.

    • updatedude says:

      My camera is overly automated. I can’t even manually adjust the focus. It’s very entry level, meant for someone who’s never had a camera. Which was perfect to begin with, but now that I’ve improved somewhat, it’s quite frustrating.

      I do have some editing programs, but it’s tough to get the color just right.

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