Hauliday 20090721 and more

The following are not hauls per se. They’re just old stuff I’ve had for awhile that I’ve recently decided to sell. I’ve never sold anything before, especially not online, so I’ll have to look into methods of selling them locally somehow. That said, this isn’t a sales post, I’m just showing off these toys before I have to eventually part with them.

It’s no secret I’ve recently got a Nintendo DS. Why am I posting a pic of it? Just to show off my manliness. Because as y’all know, Real Men Wear Pink.

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10 Responses to Hauliday 20090721 and more

  1. Wes says:

    Do you actually have any of those Mega Man figures open somewhere, or are you planning to get rid of your entire unopened stock? And if the former, are you getting rid of them because you don’t like them and therefore wouldn’t recommend them? I’ve been considering eBaying one of the figures from that series (I wouldn’t mind having a superarticulated Mega Man), but I’d just as soon pass if they’re not any good. :)

    • updatedude says:

      Actually, they’re all opened, so as to make sure they’re in good condition, then put back in the box.

      The reason why I want to get rid of them isn’t because they’re not good. In fact, they’re fantastic. That’s why I got so many. They’re highly articulated, and the weapon options are great. It’s super cool when you swap out every limb and replace it with a sword or anchor or something, creating a Sword Spider Mega Man (wielding a katana).

      The downside? Their elbow and knee joints are known to be fragile. You see the green guy at the bottom? Notice how he’s got an extra shield and shoulder pad? The reason was that one of his knee joints broke. I went to the store and got a replacement and got to keep those bits (allowing me to create “Full Armor” Megaman).

      But after that incident, I overheard the store ladies saying that they’ve had complaints before about breakage. So I’ve decided to put them under storage rather than risk breaking them. But as such… well… with space being an issue now, and I can’t even look at them, it’s time to find ’em a good home.

      How much are they going on Ebay for anyway?

      • Wes says:

        Prices are pretty varied on those — I’ve seen them go as high as $50 — but the ones I was looking at were (naturally) pretty cheap. I’ve seen the Mega Man with the drill arm go for as low as $3.50 before shipping.

        The fragile joints thing worries me — I may have to just stick with my US Mega Man NT and his DC Direct articulation. At least he feels pretty sturdy!

      • updatedude says:

        Ah well, pity you’re not interested. Was gonna offer you the lot at cost + shipping. Like I said though, never sold nuthin’ online before, but figure I oughta be honest with the known QC issues. Especially since you’re a fella toy blogger.

        On the other hand, gah… my hauls have been getting out of hand lately. More tonight… and likely more by this weekend. Gah.

      • Wes says:

        Well, I appreciate the thought! I was really just interested in one — I liked the drill version because it was pretty cheap and more/less matched the classic Mega Man colors, so it’d work (for my purposes, anyway) as a superarticulated classic Mega Man. :)

        And I know how you feel regarding those toy hauls… just be glad you’re not into the Doctor Who figures. What with the SDCC stuff going on sale tomorrow and the release of the Torchwood Series 2 figures earlier this week, my bank account is not going to be happy. :/

      • updatedude says:

        Looks like I’m gonna spend quite a bit by this weekend as well. Geh.

  2. TCxROCK_Man says:

    yo please tell me that these are for sale x_X…. IM SERIOUSLY TRYING TO BUY THEM OFF FROM ANYONE (for a reasonable price ;D) and i was REALLY hoping that these are still for sale somewhere if u have em ._. I HAVE A PAYPAL YOU KNOW D: and am willing to buy in a instant

  3. Void says:

    Do you still have that Forte.exe figure for sale?

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