No wai! That’s unforgivable!

Watched the short Pretty Cure crossover show where they fought an amalgamated monster comprised of all 3 series’ monsters. Pretty Cure (all of them, save Fresh) do a quick transform sequence. Cure Dream does a really cute/funny head turn thing while Nagisa is agape, whilst still in her signature pose.

Now, here’s the Ruined FOREVER part; at the end, they all have a big song and dance number, and Nagisa even got to do her valley girl “No wai!” catchphrase. But why the heck is Nagisa wearing a girly summer dress!? Garaaaaghkk!

She is Nagisa. She should be butch and manly and GAR and masculine. Rainbows should be straighter than Nagisa. And yet, here she is, totally being a manufactured teen idol group singer.

Bad Nagisa, BAD! No lesbian nookie for YOU!

Edit: Since this is a mostly toy blog, I’ll add something toy related here. They’re coming out with a S.H.Figuarts of Cure Dream. This is awesome. But you know what would be more awesome? If they eventually come out with a S.H.Figuarts of Cure Black. I’d totally buy that, and I’d get Cure White just to complete the set. But srsly, Cure Black dammit, and I want her G1 exposed midriff version darnit!

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