Links and Pics

Check out Articulated Discussion’s Thursday Reviews segment, where a linked list of the week’s reviews are available for your easy perusal.

Also, I couldn’t get the whole Pharaoh set for Mugenbine Anubis, but fortunately, I overpaid for the Mugenbine Ashura set, which allowed me to cannibalize the parts I needed for a custom robo.

Based on this experience, I think I’ll stick with the Deluxe sets, which are the larger figures like the Pharaoh set. The Ashura set is nice, with detailed figures, but you’re not getting a lot of plastic for ’em. I’d recommend getting one set anyway, as they’d be great for parts fodder, but otherwise, stick with the Deluxe sets.

Oh, and check it out, once you start making larger robots, the articulation’s pretty darn good.

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