Hauliday 20090726

Yeah, got a couple pre-orders (Revoltech 073: Gloomy Bear) and a red Alternity Suzuki Swift. But those are coming later, the plasticrack I’m shooting up are:

Hope y’all have been liking Plottage #1 and #2.

I’m especially pleased with the dialogue being used. Which I feel to be quite unconventional for a webcomic, smoothly conversational and patently absurd, especially when taken out of context.

That is all.

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6 Responses to Hauliday 20090726

  1. Wes says:

    Hey, cool — you now have a Spider-Man figure! :)

    Also, that Gloomy Bear figure looks bloody awesome. I want one.

    • updatedude says:

      Thanks for all your comments, much appreciated.

      I see you’ve googled Gloomy Bear. Yes, totally awesome. Heard about Gloomy Bear a year or two ago (maybe 3?), or whenever it was it got started. The concept was just beautiful.

      • Wes says:

        You’re quite welcome!

        And I didn’t quite need to google Gloomy Bear — your possibly related posts plugin thingy linked me to a page with the figure. So awesome.

        Now all we need is a Revoltech Pedobear.

  2. updatedude says:

    Yeah, definitely.

    I admit, pre-ordered Gloomy Bear mostly on the novelty, but dayumn, that’s a brilliant concept.

    Also, NOOOOOOOOOO! My wallet! They’re gonna have Figma Nanoha (loli ver), Figma Fate (loli ver) and Figma Vita. Viiiita! Gaaaarrrgh!

    • Wes says:

      I’m not sure how *brilliant* I think the concept is — “cute” cartoon animals with a taste for human flesh is nothing new — but it does look great. And the Wiki made it sound strangely involved, since supposedly the guy made it to illustrate how “humans and animals are incompatible” or something. He had me at pink bear eating people, and Kaiyodo’s inclusion of the victim/owner in the set is a great touch.

      I definitely had to Google those others, since I have no idea who those characters are. :) Not much of a fan of the loli looks, though — I like my sexy girl figures ostensibly legal. ;)

      • updatedude says:

        Nanoha, Fate and Vita are from the series Magical Lyrical Nanoha. Vita is from the second season.

        The first season started off as painfully generic, but became quite interesting when Fate was introduced.

        Then came season 2, and it was aweeesome action all the way. I want the toys not because they’re cute, but because the characters were total ass kickers. There’s even quite a few fan made videos where they fight Gundams and such.

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