When Iron Mongers Attack!

Sometimes, you just wanna take pics, but they might not be of a toy you’re reviewing or whatever. So, for such pics, we’ve the new Category of “gallery”. I might not be a great pic taker, but I hope these show off some of the fun that’s to be had with one’s toys.

Mind if I head shot kill you? Can’t hear you!

And after war, there is dance!

Then peace.

And more peace.

Then war again!

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4 Responses to Gallery

  1. Matt says:


  2. Monte says:

    You’re a bastard; it was relatively easy to talk myself out of buying the Monger when I’d only ever seen it packaged.

    Now I totally want one.

    • updatedude says:

      OHOHOHO! Yes, Plastic Mongering for the destruction of the world! OHOHOHO!

      But yeah, I reckon’ the Monger’s a shelf warmer, so the good news is that if it can be found, it should be on clearance yes?

      Heh, I reckon’ it’s the Army Men thing that gotcha?


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