300 Views & Beyond

Woohoo! Viewers getto!

Jeepers. We’ve still got a couple days left in the month, but we’ve finally got an average of 300+ views per day. Thanks to everyone who’s been visiting TV and linking to it. I hope y’all have found the content here worth your time. Thanks also to all the guys who’ve been commenting, I do try to reply to y’all. Well, I wouldn’t want to go on some introspective rant or whatnot, so here’s what TV has got on tap.

First, I’ve got a Motion Revive Series review in the works, and then there’s probably going to be a slew of Joe reviews in anticipation of the movie. Then I’ll double back and review some of the stuff I haven’t got around to and maybe some random older stuff. Gonna try to maintain the high pace I’ve been doing.

Plottage will continue. I’m curious as to people’s views on this piece of work. I had an idea recently, and that’s pretty much allowed me to write the script for like, over half a dozen Plottage issues to be interspersed over around 30 or so issues. Consider Plottage as an experiment that I dearly hope will succeed.

So I don’t want to ramble further. I could, but I don’t wanna. Just saying, thanks for your support, hope to keep getting it. Peace out.

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2 Responses to 300 Views & Beyond

  1. Matt says:

    I love Plottage. I can’t explain why exactly, but I need you to keep it going.

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