Hauliday of Significant Largess

This is what we in the “biz” call an “over-haul”.

First up, we’ve got Nightcrawler from Wolverine & the X-Men, as well as the Tiger Stripe Wolverine from the 90s that’s become the iconic look for old Wolvy. And the brown suited version from the 80s, which is the one I really wanted. I was tempted to get the Weapon X with the smash-able containment unit and the S.W.A.T. looking strike gear Wolverine, but for the former, I didn’t want to overspend and I’ve never really like half naked Weapon X anyway, and for the latter, as cool as the body looks, the head design is really doofy.

The next thing I got today, is a Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Primarily, it’s got 2 points of articulation, which are the top and bottom bread pieces. Although there’s a lot of loose lettuce in there. Came with chilli sauce accessory, but I traded that in for the ketchup variant. It’s got a color changing gimmick when you use the accessories. Details are pretty good, but it’s Mcdonalds, it tastes like crap. I only eat it for the calories.

Next we got Darkwind, an Ultra Class from the Universe line. Pity they didn’t have Countdown.

But the biggest haul of the day was 2 free tickets to the Rise of Cobra movie. Which I’m planning to watch tomorrow… oh, and I also got TFA Leader Bulkhead.

Note: I also got a gift voucher from Toys R Us for spending my money on their plasticrack. I was gonna use it to buy Atomic Lugnut, but the darn thing won’t be valid till later this month. Darnit!

Then I got a bunch of Minicons for cheap. I would have got more, but the Star Saber set is incomplete, and the other Minicons did not sufficiently resemble weapon attachments. I should have tried getting some Legends for the same price as well though. Oh well. Incidentally, the gimmicks on some of these guys, all succeed thoroughly.

Also got Energon Starscream, loose but complete. And Cybertron Unicron, who is not only missing his missiles but also his spike attachments (which woulda made his vehicle spiky and given him some melee weapons in robot mode, oh well).

Finally, got CryoScourge, who is missing his tail. I’m actually not too torn up about that. I think he looks fine without it, although it would have been nice/better to have him complete. He’s got some paint scraped here and there and one mini-dragon head likes to pop out, but overall, really cool toy.

Oh, both CryoScourge and Unicron are missing their Cyber Planet Keys as well, but that’s no biggie for me either. Unicron has his instructions, which he does need. While CryoScourge does not have his instructions, but then, he doesn’t need them. Also, Energon Starscream’s transformation is pretty darn impressive. As a result, I’m impressed.

Finally, gonna pick up Henkei Ironhide and Henkei Starscream this Sunday. Loose but complete, and… well, Henkei. No complaints there.

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4 Responses to Hauliday of Significant Largess

  1. Matt says:

    I used to collect the McDonald’s line—I even kept some MISB—but they lose play value fast. I guess most people tend to agree because it is nigh-impossible to sell those things on eBay.

  2. Landon says:

    Plasticrack overdose. You’ll need to go to rehab after that.

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