G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra

A surprisingly good movie. Considering the relatively weak competition, it’s probably the best Action Movie of the year, and one of the better non-Oscar material movie for the year, if not past couple years.

Story is actually pretty decent and has some degree of rationale. And while there are some pretty dramatic changes to a few of the major characters’ relationships, there’s also a lot of fan nods. Perhaps most surprising is that there’s actually a fairly competent amount of character development in this flick. Mostly through the use of flashbacks.

Frankly, I was expecting a movie with a stupid and barely bearable plot, and vanilla or annoying characters with plenty of awful acting sprinkled on. And possibly even sub par action. But to my surprise, the only truly atrocious thing about this movie is some of the CGI, which is… well, atrocious. Also, the movie gets a tad overly cheesy near the end. And there are some parts that felt like a toy commercial. But overall, these things don’t really impact the whole of the movie. Oh, and Wayans isn’t as bad as I thought he’d be.

Overall, it’s a surprisingly good action movie that I’d recommend. I wouldn’t say to get your hopes way up, but you don’t need to let your expectations be as low as they probably are.

3 1/4 out of 4

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