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HELP! I think I’m suffering from “reverse hypelash”. I liked Rise of Cobra. And the more I thought and talked about it, the more I liked it. So naturally, I searched the web for reviews on it, only to find that it’s almost universally berated.

That’s fine. That’s to be expected. But what I didn’t expect were some of the reasons given for hating the movie. Some of which are downright SILLY. Like Duke’s rank being captain or even that G.I. Joe are an international conglomeration rather than Real American Heroes. And that’s on top of reviews by people/critics who seemingly haven’t even seen the flick, since they got all the details wrong in their reviews.

I mean, I can understand it if people hate the movie because of the relationship between Duke and… this char whose identity I won’t spoil at this time. Or that they don’t dig Cobra Commander’s origin or even simply that the origins of the characters differ from the old cartoon or comics.

So to cut a long story short, I find myself going from liking Rise of Cobra but accepting that it’s got flaws, to being forcibly loving it. It’s sort of the opposite of when you hate something because a lot of people love it or because those who love it just love it too much.

So yeah, I’m sticking with my earlier review. Rise of Cobra is the best Action Movie of 2009 so far. Star Trek is the better film, although I still enjoyed RoC more. Aaaaand it’s been a pretty weak year overall. To me anyway.

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  1. Matt says:

    As long as you don’t turn into Jin Saotome AKA John Mallamas, I think you’ll be OK. See:

    I mean, jeez.

    • updatedude says:

      Eh, Ebert’s just a drop in the bucket of… silly. Actually, I don’t mind or care if someone doesn’t like the flick. It’s their 2 hours after all. The flick’s hardly perfection, so it’s understandable. But all the hate over the most nitpicky and unrelated of reasons is just pushing me towards the movie, rather than away.

  2. Landon says:

    It isn’t the first time I’ve seen Ebert get stuff mixed up.

    At the same time, this is the dude that defends movies like Dark City, The Cell, and other nitché genre movies when other critics won’t touch them.

    So its kind of a wash with him. He’s still far more respectable than most critics, who just describe the plot, throw out a few lines that they hope get used in advertisements for the movie, and slap on a star rating without even REVIEWING the movie.

    • updatedude says:

      Nah, I ain’t referring to Ebert specifically, although he’s also one of the guys that got details mixed up. It’s the INTERNET that is, how to put this, WRONG. Because I’m right, ergo, they are wrong.

  3. Wes says:

    LEAVE EBERT ALONE!!! Yeah, he got some details wrong… presumably because he didn’t care enough about the movie to get them right. I’m pretty sure he gets stuff wrong on purpose sometimes with silly movies he dislikes, all for the sake of pissing off the rabid fans. ;)

    Anyway, having seen the movie, I wouldn’t blame people for getting some details wrong. Heck, when I write up my review of the film, I have no doubt that I’ll get some details wrong. I mean, I can’t even remember when kung-fu grip was mentioned.

    Anyway, I didn’t think it was all that bad — and it was probably the best buy-my-toy movie I’ve seen in years (though its only competition there are really the Transformers films…) — but I hesitate to call it good. The “Cobra” plot was a bit too stupid for that descriptor. :)

  4. updatedude says:

    I sorta don’t get where the Ebert thing keeps popping up. Sure, he’s one of those I’m referring to, but he’s hardly the target of my own critique. Probably because I’m unAmerican that Ebert doesn’t go straight to my top list of film critics.

    Anywho, me, I WOULD call it “good”. At first I was gonna rank it decent, but after thinking at it for awhile, I had to upgrade the movie to “good”. There were too few significant faults and it was too enjoyable to be considered merely decent for me.

    • Matt says:

      Ebert is kind of an American icon or at least the perfect example of a critic. Personally, I find that I agree with him most of the time and when I don’t, his reviews are still insightful and worth reading. People have bashed him for years because of all sorts of movies, but he’s proved again and again that he’s one of the few that deserves to do what he does.

      The differences between moviegoers should be taken into account in any discussion of critics, because people see films for different reasons. A critic’s job is to analyze and judge something, so necessarily they’re going come off as more “negative” than anything. Chances are, the average Joe (no pun intended) in a movie theater doesn’t sit through a film trying to find its flaws the whole time. Many simply watch movies to have fun and are OK with that.

      Fans, however, are both the harshest critics and the most fervent supporters. John Mallamas, whose site I linked above, is so blinded with love for the G.I. Joe franchise that he fails to realize he looks like an idiot for defending a movie against what he sees as mean-spirited attacks from people whose job it is to critique. Fans tend not to understand that they can appear exclusive and insane to people who don’t share their viewpoint.

      I still haven’t seen the movie, and I doubt I will anytime soon as I feel it doesn’t warrant the ten-dollar price of admission. I did see (500) Days of Summer recently, which stars Cobra Commander in some crazy alternate reality where he’s a luckless romantic. It wasn’t half bad.

      • updatedude says:

        Yeah, so I can see Ebert as being representative of ALL critics, even when his views are of the minority. A price of fame as it were.

        I don’t really mind critics bashing a movie, or people bashing a movie, and I don’t think a guy needs to retire just because he’s the most famous guy in his industry and his opinions don’t mesh with every single individual who reads or watches his opinions.

        That said, again, I wasn’t referring to Ebert specifically. Just net reviews as a whole. And I’m just saying, because I find many of the arguments to be overly nitpicky, it’s making me involuntarily liking Rise of Cobra more than I actually do.

        I was seriously debating about watching it a second time that opening weekend, but now I’m not so sure. Because my expectations have been artificially inflated, I might find myself disliking or even hating the movie because it doesn’t live up to my now “tainted” impressions of the movie.

        I’ll probably just grab the DVD at this point.

  5. Wes says:

    I understood that Ebert wasn’t the target of your specific critique — I was more/less responding to the other commenters (and folks like Jin Saotome, even though they’re not reading this) with a side of Chris Crocker with that line.

    Anyway, it seems like our terminology largely differs in terms of semantics, in that your “good” more/less corresponds with my “decent” ranking. That said, it seems like you enjoyed the film more than I did. :)

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