Hauliday 20090812

Just so you know, there are no more pics after the jump.

#1 – Transformers Animated “True Colors” Shockwave 2/ Activators Bumblebee.
There’s a big Transformers sale right now. I’ll probably go back and grab a couple more of ’em in the next couple days. I’m overspending by quite a lot though, so I dunno… but sales of TF don’t come often where I am.

#2 – Transformers Animated Atomic Lugnut.
Lots of little problems with this guy. While he’s in reasonably good shape, I’m not sure I’ll want to deal with the eBay seller for this guy again. Especially considering…

#3 – G.I. Joe Spytroops: Link vs Cobra Commander.
It’s all complete and all, but man, it’s like he’s let his little brother play with the figures in the yard/mud or something. The boots on these figures are covered in dirt. I don’t know, it might be custom work? In any case, there’s some yellowing on the Commander’s main body. Blech. Otherwise, I’d be fine with the boots.

Overall, I don’t feel it’s justified to complain. The toys are actually in reasonable condition, but I’ll probably refrain from this guy unless there’s something rare involved, as there are those who can probably provide more pristine condition toys.

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2 Responses to Hauliday 20090812

  1. Wes says:

    D’oh! Sorry to hear about the problems with Atomic Lugnut and the Joes. What led you to get them, by the way? I have the black repaint of that Cobra Commander and think he’s kind of cool, but from what I can tell, he’s way outclassed by just about every CC figure that’s been released since. And correct me if I’m wrong, but you own several of those better CCs (like Battle Armor CC!)… making him an unnecessary purchase. :)

    And those Animated figures were on sale out here for $4.99 — it was an error that got corrected after two days, but it lasted long enough for me to take my receipt back for a price correction. :D Anyway, I hope your Shockwave turns out better than mine! I had to return two defective ones before I got one that wasn’t missing pieces and/or assembled with the wrong ones, and even the one I have had a really loose left elbow joint that I had to tighten up.

    That BB figure is super fun.

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