Joe vs Jesus

Yes, we saw this at a toy display at a Toys R Us. And it apparently has Jesus running from a squad of Joe assassins, whilst Cobra desperately try to protect the son of God.

I mean, that’s obviously Jesus, he’s even wearing sandals, and the real kicker is that you couldn’t see his face. My buddy didn’t take a pic from a more left sided angle, but trust me, even from the left side of the display, you couldn’t see Jesus’ face, the roof of the hummer juuuuuuuust blocks it from view.

And it’s obvious that Storm Shadow is making a last stand while Snake Eyes is already heading toward murdering Jesus.

The other Cobra troops are fending off the Joes and Baroness… I dunno, maybe she’s shooting down an unseen helicopter or something.

But yes, the Joes want to kill Jesus. Now you know, and knowing, is half the battle. The other half is unknown.

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4 Responses to Joe vs Jesus

  1. Faxon says:

    Well Duke did bring the Baroness to the side of good through the power of love(tm). Anyway everyone knows that Jesus was a jobless hippie who hated violence, ergo going against the patriotic joes who each come with enough weapons to level a small town. ;)

    Then again, are Cobra/Mars any better?

  2. Landon says:

    GI Joe is a UN/world government task force.

    Most one world government related conspiracy theories involve the abolition of religion, or involve biblical Satan-rules-all ideas.

    Therefore, GI Joe has been sent to kill the Second Coming by the Satan-controlled Illuminati in order to help bring about the Apocalypse. Our only hope: COBRA.

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