Here Comes A New Challenger!

Landon here. I posted a few Mighty Mugg reviews on Turquoise Version awhile back, but never got back to to the toy reviewing thing until now. Got some new goodies that I plan on reviewing, along with a few older things here and there. Here’s a quick peek at things to come.

Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll get to review those Joes. I’m using a Sony Webbie, and the only complaint I have about the camera is the zoom. It isn’t a great camera for taking close-ups of small things. Namely GI Joes. A shame, that.

I’ll say that my tastes in toys differ a bit from Updatedude’s. While we like a lot of the same things, he’s more into the articulation and “play” factor, as you can see with the Plottage comics and the like. I care more about the style and look of the toy. It could be an immovable blob, but if it makes me go “ooooo” then it rocks.

Anyway, review stuff forthcoming.

About Chad Landon Smith

The deposed God-Emperor of Pluto, now reigning in exile in San Antonio, Texas, United States, Earth.
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