Haulidays, Reviews and Previews. Oh My!

Oversssssssssspending is fun and unprofitable.

First up, we’ve got the B.A.T. 3.2 and black Hooded Cobra Commander from the old SpyTroops line. CC has no eyes, just red paint over where the eyes should be. And he’s a little chubby looking due to the less uncomfortably skintight uniform. Otherwise, looks awesome.

We’ve also Grunt and a casually dressed Destro. Not quite Pimp Daddy Destro, but it’s a version of him I’ve wanted for a long time.

Second up is Heavy Duty, who looks surprisingly decent and Heavy Water, who is very cool with all the tubes. Additionally, you can see another Switch Gears and Cobra Commander in the pic. The Switch Gears seems to have a crack on his chest despite being MISB, but at least Cobra Commander is neither dirty, or worst, yellowed.

Now, a micro review of Switch Gears and CC. They come with lots of nice looking guns as you can see. As well as a confusingly arranged comic. Gotta pay attention to the numbering.

Switch Gears is a pinheaded doofus. Like the rest of the SpyTroops/Venom vs Valor line, he has gorilla proportions due to the beefy arms of that era, and the overly condensed torso. His SpyTroop disguise is also pretty bad except for the parts that actually get disguised. The red helmet and chest plate look cool, but Switchy here has G.I. Joe emblazoned right on his thigh armor. So not much of a disguise.

Cobra Commander fares better. He’s more or less perfect.

Both figures share the same articulation. Which is decent but of course, the newer 25th Anniversary and Rise of Cobra lines feature both better sculpts and articulation. Still, these two are decent. CC’s legs are highly restricted due to his man-skirt. And there’s no ankle articulation. But otherwise, they’re pretty comparable to modern Hasbro 3.75″ scale standards.

The keys are to a lock that no longer works. I was just curious as to how this new fangled chrome spray thing I bought worked for metal. From what I understand, I kinda regret buying the spray. It rubs off reeeeeal easily, and even with primers or coating, it’ll still be kinda “fragile”. Bummer.

As soon as Landon gets the next part of his Moofia review up, I’ll wait awhile and post the review for the guy in the pic below.

1-2-3 Let’s JaAM!

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2 Responses to Haulidays, Reviews and Previews. Oh My!

  1. Monte says:

    Those sculpts were so strange; I never understood why they wanted the figures to be so top-heavy and deformed.

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