F*** RoC

Lotsa obscenities after the jump, just to let you know.

Goddamn motherfucking son of a bitch whore fucking piece of shit Hasbro. Goddammit!

Just saw the toy pics at Joecon. Goddamn motherfucking Hasbro and their totally awesome toys that make me want them NOW you mother fucking assholes. Give them to me, in exchange for money. NOW you assholes. Gimme the mother fucking toys, you goddamn motherfuckers argharghargh! (FYI: That’s a Usual Suspects ref).

So, the Autovajin Armor, which I was excited about:

But then they revealed Death Scythe Hell GUN FACE Snake Eyes:

And Voodoo Commander:


I can give Storm Shadow a miss though, and cool as Destro with goggles is, I just don’t diggit unless you can remove the goggles (the goggles, which do nothing… for me). If the goggles ARE removable though… RARGH! GIMMEH!

Then there seems to be a buncha other winged guys, though none are quite as cool as GunFace. And there’s even Voodoo Zartan who has Duke’s entire upper torso for sacrificial entrails reading.

Ugh, some of this upcoming stuff… damn them… yeah, I’m better now, not gonna edit out the cuss words though.

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2 Responses to F*** RoC

  1. Monte says:

    I feel your pain.

    That Jungle Viper is the scariest action figure I’ve ever seen in this scale.

    My wallet weeps.

    • updatedude says:

      I’m unapologetic for not being PG-13, hehehe. But yeah. Hope you can find this kinda stuff when you’re abroad, either that or Ebay? I reckon their postal service ain’t that hot either.

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