Super Duper Mass Reviews (pt 1)

RoC: Sr. Ranking Officers (Cobra) + Storm ShadowS = Deszaras Re-issue

Part 2
Part 3

We’ll start with a couple appetizers, the Storm Shadows. I was never a fan of Storm Shadow as a toy. I remember that I used to love Storm Shadow in the cartoons, because a) he was a ninja b) he’s was a ninja who was man enough to wear white c) he once disassembled a tank via karate chops. But it wasn’t until I saw the movie that I actually wanted a Storm Shadow toy, especially since I already had one hoisted on me when I bought the Cobra 5-Pack awhile ago.

Let’s start with the Ninja Mercenary version. This guy has the mask. As you might be able to tell from the pics, he seems kinda yellowed. Not sure if he’s supposed to look like this. I mean, he’s fresh off of retail, but well, he IS white and the weather here is rather on the sunny side. Although it doesn’t necessarily look bad I suppose, he looks kinda “weathered”.

Anywho, this Storm Shadow is pretty generic as far as Storm Shadows go, but the movie made coat tails for ninjas cool, so I had to have him. Much like the other RoC figures with long jackets, the coat tails don’t get in the way of Storm Shadow’s articulation too much. Although I think both Cobra Commander and Snake Eyes pulled it off better.

Finally, he comes with a boat load of accessories. He’s got his two ninja swords, complete with Arishikage ninja product placement logos, complete with his movie signature double scabbard. A really soft plastic adamanitium claw attachment that you have to pop the hand off to put on. Gun, nanomite warhead and stand. The nanomite launcher that funny enough, isn’t featured on his card art, but is featured on the card art for the Paris Pursuit version of him, who doesn’t have the launcher. And finally, the obligatory BFG. Although in his case, it’s a ninja star disc firing cannon.

All in all, a cool looking figure that’s probably the most definitive movie version of Storm Shadow available in this scale right now.

Next up we’ve got Paris Pursuit Storm Shadow. Two things I should mention at this point.

First, this guy seems to be a completely different mold than the Ninja Mercenary version. Which is cool that they’ve gone ahead with this extra effort. Some of the accessories are the same, but otherwise, totally different toys.

Second, this isn’t exactly specific to this toy, but yeah, Rise of Cobra may well be the only movie to ever make me wanna buy the toys/merchandise. I certainly didn’t want the hummer before the movie, and I certainly didn’t want Storm Shadow before it. But having seen the movie, this is yet another toy I just HAD to have.

Thirdly (of this two part prelude), he’s not at all yellowed, assuming Ninja Mercenary is yellowed at all.

Fourthly (now that’s just preluding things too far), the one reason, the ONLY reason I bought both versions of Storm Shadow is to pop this guy’s head off and put it on the Ninja Merc version for a more movie accurate representation.

So, onto the review of Paris Pursuit Storm Shadow himself. You know… not much to say. It’s a great mold. And without any extraneous bits like coat tails, he’s totally freed up to take advantage of the standard Joe 25th Anni articulation.

Accessories include a couple sai, like Raphael had, the same double scabbard and ninja sword combo that the Ninja Merc has (although lacking Arashikage markings), a silver version of the gun, a stand… a… erm, suction cup… thingy… and the standard BFG that almost every single carded RoC figure has.

Overall, cool toy. Paris Pursuit’s superior to Ninja Merc due to less design limitations, but really, you’re getting this for the head. Otherwise, you might as well grab a 25th Anni Storm Shadow instead. Recommended if you really like the head (and it IS a pretty good head).

Now we come to the main event…


Yeah, sorry to cop out. But pt 2 will be out in a manner of half a day later. Anywho, either Storm Shadow is fine. Unless you’re a crazy toy guy like myself, you’ll probably only want one.

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