Super Duper Mass Reviews (pt 2)

BFF man, BFF!

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So here we’ve got Destro. DESTRO! Destro and the Baroness! Practicing the clarinets!

I’ve already done a review of the regular RoC Destro, and whatever’s been said about him there, can be applied here. HOWEVER, this is also a case of a repaint totally changing up a figure. The original RoC Destro was kinda dull and his suit looks very plastic. But the whole subdued gray thing worked for him. It didn’t make him very Destro-like, but he still had a classic spy villain vibe to him.

THIS Destro from the Senior Ranking Officers 3-Pack however, is definitely Destro. He’s not only wearing blue, but even his head is done up in a shinier metallic silver. He definitely gives off the Destro vibe that the former did not, and overall, this guy just looks better.

As part of a 3-pack, Destro here is also individually cheaper than his single carded version, but doesn’t come with the oversized spring loaded missile launcher and is also missing an additional gun. While I would have liked for that gun to remain, the loss of the launcher is no biggie, especially for an older collector like myself. However, I have to say, the weapons he does retain, look brilliant. His pistol is now done up in a beautiful shiny silver to match his head, and his primary weapon is now black, which looks far better than the original, dull plastic gray.

Overall, I said before that you only need Destro as far as the RoC movie goes. That’s true. The question is, which Destro? While I wouldn’t discount the original RoC Destro, this guy is still more worth the money when you consider he’ll come with 2 other figures, and he DOES look more traditionally Destro.

Next up is the Cobra Viper Commando. This is the guy with the two big red eyes.

Honestly, I hate the base Viper designs for ALL the first wave of Vipers. Even after the movie, where I absolutely love them for their badassness, I still couldn’t get behind that utterly boring design. The Crimson Viper, which is a ruby blood red version, was a step in the right direction for the Viper molds, and now, in this 3-pack, the Vipers have done it right.

This is an absolutely fantastic recolor of the Viper. First up, let’s talk about the most obvious and significant improvement this guy has over his fellow Vipers. The head. Here he’s got two big red eyes and a whole lotta white lines to bring up the mold details. He’s got a big white uni-brow that makes him look like Darth Vader in conjunction with the big red eyes, which I’m not that hot about, but I can accept. But man, look at that face, look at that purdy mouth. It’s absolutely brilliant. It brings out all the mold’s details and gives the Cobra Viper Commando a skull-like face. This is a totally intimidating and non-boring head recolor.

Then we get to the body armor, which in the regular RoC Vipers, is also dead boring, even when they recolor it purple. Here, well, it just works with the rest of the toy. the blue vest is a nice contrast with the rest of his clothes, and the other blue components of his design help to break the look up. But the big thing for me here is that this nice, semi-glossy blue also helps bring up the incredible amount of details on the vest. It’s totally crazy how “real” they’ve molded this. I also like how the sprue cut around his lower ribs can sort of look like where a bullet had impacted and left an impression. This is a totally coincidental bonus of course.

What a difference the right colors and some loving paint detailing makes. I knew that this mold was probably good from all the positive reviews I heard, but until now, none of them actually looked, y’know, GOOD. Closest we got was the Crimson Viper. But finally, they made this mold not aesthetically suck. A definite winner… oh, and he comes with guns blah blah blah and is articulated blah blah standard blah 25th Anni blah.

Finally, we’ve got the Elite Viper. He’s the one with the one big red visor. This guy’s been done by DrNightmare over at Articulated Discussion. And I was interested in this figure due to that review. But I just couldn’t get behind that totally black face. Again, the 3-Pack repaint comes to save the day.

This review is more or less a rehash of the Cobra Viper Commando one I just did. The Elite Viper’s design isn’t nearly as dull as the regular Viper’s, and now that they’ve finally decided to give him a visor that doesn’t blend in with the rest of his head, he really pops out as a character.

Another thing I love with this figure is how he’s so aesthetically different from the Viper Commando. They’re actually very similar to each other, so much so that until I paid attention, I didn’t even realize there WERE any differences in the REGULAR versions. They blended in with each other the same way the Transformers blended with each other in the Michael Bay flicks. But HERE, they look very distinct from each other, and again, we have the color scheme to thank for that.

Otherwise, he shares the same articulation with the Viper Commando, since they’re both essentially the same aside from the chest armor. Their arms and legs are molded different, but the torso’s the same. So yeah, they both move more or less the same, which is again, the standard 25th Anniversary articulation model.

He’s got a backpack that can store an axe and two guns that work excellently with him, as you’ll see in the pics. And like the other two, he comes with a dog tag stand.

In closing, the Elite Viper’s an excellent figure. He’s on par with the 3-Pack Cobra Viper Commando, but I wasn’t as pleasantly shocked by him because his mold wasn’t as bad to begin with.

A really great 3-Pack that’s totally worth getting. The G.I. Joe version of the Senior Ranking Officers 3-Pack is a bit of a miss for me. It has Sgt Stone who is vanilla, some blonde bald guy in a beige accelerator suit and Grunt… who looks cool in military green, but what the F*** is GRUNT doing in a SENIOR OFFICERS pack?

Aaaaanywho if you find this 3-Pack, get it. The toys are all winners and the price is good. All you really lose out on are the oversized projectile launchers. And that’s a sacrifice that you should be willing to make… if you’re a (wo)MAN. Are you a (wo)MAN? If so, then make that sacrifice, otherwise, you’re a GIRL! (or boy, depending on your base gender).

Part 3 of this review where I list out the Pros and Cons of each figure and arbitrarily assign them a numeric value to come later.

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