Lookie what I found

Hasbro’s Rise of Cobra: Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes (Gray Timber variant)

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7 Responses to Lookie what I found

  1. Nick Gomez says:

    Hey I got myself one of those!

  2. Faxon says:

    Why does Snake eyes come with a dog anyway? Or is it just an obscure homage of somesorts?

    • updatedude says:

      It’s not really obscure, he’s come with his wolf/dog Timber for quite some time. No more obscure than the myriad of Cobra Troopers/Vipers, Breaker’s bubblegum addiction or the Scarlett x Snake Eyes relationship.

      So yeah, pretty obscure for a regular collector, not so much for a Joe collector. That and the doggie looks nice.

  3. clark says:

    I ended up with one PP SE with the black timber, and one with the gray. I bought the second one because PP SE head on the black commando SE body is now my favorite figure.

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