I feel like I’ve arrived

*Sniff* I did it Adrian, I did it *sniff*

I was perusing 4chan’s toy boards when I saw this Nightbeat pic on one of the pages… I’m so proud. It’s like that time someone posted the RotF Megatron Fanmode pic on 2chan. Somehow, being on a board with fake penises stuck on Figma Itsuki and Revoltech Yotsuba having tea and cookies with McFarlane Master Chief and TFA Bulkhead, makes this all worth it.

News of note to me after the jump.

Eeeeeeeeeeeee! Srsly? They’re gonna revisit Front Mission? Oh heck yeah! I’ve been looking for the old modular FM toys for awhile now. I think I saw the Spider-Wanzer before, but it was overly priced.

If they’re bringing the series back and maintaining the high modularity and accessory count, and hopefully, a durable and playable body, I would be soooo over this. Need to do some research on whether this is all true. But yeah, just saying, I call dibs.

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