Kuuga Vs Brawl

Might K-K-K-Kuuga… RISING! Versus! B-B-B-Blawr! RoundOneFight!

Time for a comparison review based on two toys that are baseless to one another.

Kamen Rider Rising Mighty Kuuga is from Wave 6 of the Motion Revive Series of Kamen Rider blind packed toys while Brawl is of course, a Scout/Basic class Transformer from the Combaticons 5-Pack/Giftset from the Universe 2.0 line, which itself, is the predecessor to the current Combaticons 5-Pack/Giftset from the Revenge of the Fallen line and a redeco of the previous Combaticons 5-Pack/Giftset from the Energon line.

Anyway, let’s start with the Aesthetics. Both figures look pretty darn good of course, and while Kuuga is a tad plain compared to some modern Kamen Riders, the toy still goes for detail wherever possible and this certainly gains it a couple brownie points. Brawl on the other hand, looks neat but admittedly, he does have huge ski-feet. Some people don’t dig the tread wings, but I love ’em. On the plus side, he’s got great light piping and his tank mode is also quite good for a fakey future tank.

Round 1 goes to Brawl, for being more striking.

In terms of Articulation, Kuuga technically has more points. 24 to be exact. And not only are his Points of Articulation (PoA) plentiful, but they’re all quite useful as well. The double ball jointed pectorals and shoulders are great as they add a boat load of ease of play and posing options, although I’d have liked a great range of outward motion for the shoulders. As for Brawl, now here’s the funny thing. Whilst Brawl has less PoA and there aren’t double joints as there are with Kuuga, in some ways, he’s even more posable than Kuuga. Oh, he can’t bend his limbs the way Kuuga can, but his huge clown feet and those pseudo wings give him a degree of stability that the humanly proportioned Kuuga can never achieve unaided.

Round 2 goes to Kuuga, who has more joints and potential (if you use a stand or clay).

Extras extras! Read all about ’em!

Kuuga comes with an extra pair of hands… yeah, he’s gonna get whupped in this category. Not only does Brawl come with a double barreled gun which can semi-transform into a double barreled gun with a satellite dish, not to mention transform into a hand or foot. He also comes with a useless “Energon Star”. But wait, that’s not all. Brawl is an Energon Combiner, meaning in addition to transforming between a robot and tank mode, he’s also able to transform into an arm or a leg for any of the Energon Combiner Deluxes. The winnah in this category, is obvious.

Round 3 goes to Brawl via fatality.

A Winnah is Brawl. Aesthetically and Articulatedly, it’s a pretty close call. Both have their pros and cons. It could go either way. But where value addedness is concerned, Brawl’s got it going on. Kuuga’s one of he less generous MRS in terms of accessories to begin with, but Brawl’s origin as an Energon toy, where the Scouts/Basics were loaded with goodies, gives him the definite edge. Especially if you’ve got enough of the Combiners to form a fully realized giant robot.

Brawl wins.

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