Kamen Rider 555: The Un-mint-ening

Standing by, there can be only Back in BOX!

Since 2003, they thought themselves SAFE.

Sealed in their MINT boxes.

They were STRICTLY for Prizes in Japan ONLY!





And then horror of horrors. They were not only striped of their MISB-ness…

But even MINT!





of them.

Oh yes, look away, look away in SHAME! At your DEFILEMENT FAiZu!

A quick lowdown on these figures. They’re super deformed versions of Faiz, Kaixa and Autovajin from the series Kamen Rider Faiz.

They all share the same basic body construction, so what differentiates them are whatever paint apps they have and all the snap-on armor they each come with. For Faiz (red dude) and Kaixa (yellow evil bastard), their heads and body armor are pretty much securely attached. For Autovajin (bike/robot/Gobot), everything can be taken off, leaving a basic blank body.

Articulation is pretty much geared toward allowing the figures to ride Autovajin in his bike mode. As such, they have swivel necks, shoulders, wrists and waists. They also have hinged elbows and knees, and finally, ball jointed hips. Not a lot, but enough to strike some signature poses and ride Autovajin.

For accessories, Faiz comes with his lightsaber/electric cattle prod, the phone gun, the Faiz Pointer, what seems to be a buckle/card thingy and about 30% of a motorcycle. Kaixa has his 4-Sword, a spare buckle/card thingy of his own and the other 30% of the motorcycle. Finally, Autovajin comes with a bike stand. All in all, Faiz has the most stuff, but Autovajin’s practically an accessory in and of himself anyway.

“Transforming” Autovajin to his bike mode involves removing all his body armor (including his head), and putting everything together with the bike pieces that came with Faiz and Kaixa. The end result is a bitchin’ ride with a couple pop-off-able parts, but is otherwise, stable and made of winning awesome.

All in all, a cute set that you probably won’t be able to find too easily, but if you’re a Faiz fan and you can pick the set up for cheap, go for it.

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