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Nu Yah

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Revoltech Gloomy Bear

So yeah, I got my background back.

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Pics of Today

FYI, and it’s not just that I’m biased, but Mecha Guignol has been having some pretty good updates. If you’re an anime fan of discerning taste, I’d recommend going there. I also wouldn’t mind seeing more updates from Scary Crayon, … Continue reading

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Merry X’mas

Even if you don’t believe in Jesus or Santa, there is still Kamen Rider.

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Gallery of NO Particular Order

Hellboy, Momotaros, I’m the guy with the bio snake staff.

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Mode Lock Pics

Did a review on the M9 Gernsback, here are some random pics.

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Give me your face

I want to beat it!

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Tieren are Zaku

Tieren are Zaku. There, I’ve said it. If someone who is unfamiliar with Gundam, specifically Gundam OO, and they say something along the lines of “I like the new Zaku designs in OO”, what they mean is they like the … Continue reading

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A rant and general point of reference for whenever I get around to doing Revoltech reviews.

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Mode Lock: M9 Gernsback

I’m not proto-gray, I’m a Mauve Shirt. Oh wait, I AM proto-gray.

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