Double Whammy News

Speaking of Double Whammies, I got over 20K when I passed my spins to another player, and she got double Whammied, then got 10 bucks and passed the last spin to me. Luckily, I didn’t get a Whammy, otherwise, it’d be pretty heartbreaking.

In actual news, will soon have another free shipping sale. In all likelihood you’ll have to buy something from their list of Holiday Specials before getting free shipping on top of discounted items. I’d participate, but I want to cut back on spending, but dang if I’m not tempted. I think they’ll be starting on December 7th, so if you’re one of those guys who read Turquoise Version and have no idea what toy I’m reviewing half the time, here’s a chance for you to get into the import action. With the sale + free shipping, this is a good chance to sample some of that Japanese Plasticrack delight.

Also, The Allspark‘s monthly web magazine, the Allspark Insider, is out for December. It’s got a review of Brakedown by moi. I’m totally flattered and honored and trippin’ that they’ve used one of my reviews. Check it out.

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