Pics of Today

FYI, and it’s not just that I’m biased, but Mecha Guignol has been having some pretty good updates. If you’re an anime fan of discerning taste, I’d recommend going there.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing more updates from Scary Crayon, though I can understand that with all the work put into each post or review, it’s gonna be hard to find the time and motivation to come out with a near daily schedule.

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1 Response to Pics of Today

  1. Wes says:

    I’m glad to hear someone hasn’t forgotten about SC! I got a bit busy towards the end of 2009, but I do plan to have more content in the near future. I’m going to try to have fewer toy reviews (or at least approach them differently), though — they take more work than other kinds of articles and aren’t nearly as fun to write or read. I miss cracking lame jokes about stuff every other sentence. :)

    Love the camo Baroness, btw… and UNICRON! That was probably the third or fourth Transformer I ever got, and I liked him lots even though he wasn’t super huge. I did kick myself a few times for not picking up the larger Unicron on clearance for $15 the previous year, though.

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