Revoltech Gloomy Bear

So yeah, I got my background back.

Eeeeeh, there are worse Revoltech out there. Gloomy’s worth getting even at full price. Recommended.

A Revoltech released by Kaiyodo on August 15th, 2009. Gloomy Bear is a character (by Mori Chack) who tells a simple but effective story; the story of a boy named Pitty and his pet bear, Gloomy Bear. A story which always teaches one very important Aesop, “Don’t fsck with bears! Seriously, bears twice your size and three times your weight are dangerous. They can and have mauled and maimed and murdered humans. That’s right, murder. With killer intent. Also, pink is a manly color. That’s another important life lesson, almost as important as bears being inherently wild animals that little boys shouldn’t keep as pets. It’s disrespect for the color pink which’ll get you maimed by bears.”.

Like many other Revoltech that I get, I primarily got this set because of the character. I’ve heard about Gloomy Bear a few years ago and have actually wanted to get a Gloomy Bear plush for some time. I found some, but they’re pretty dang expensive, considering they’re just plush. Ironically, this toy’s even smaller and more expensive than the plush ones. But hey, he comes with Pitty!

Sculpt-wise, there are pros and cons. On the one hand, the Revol-joints are generally nicely hidden. On the other hand, the joint seams are still pretty obvious. The elbow seams in particular, have a tendency show a gap unless you make sure to shove the forearm into the (elbow) Revol-joint nice and tight. Also, there are great big gaps when you bend his elbows or knees.

But the most asinine sculpting decision is the placing of the Revol-joint port for Pitty’s head, which is in an angle toward the (inner) back of his head. That is to say, the way to plug in the Revol-joint for his head and neck is needlessly inconvenient and actually a tad restrictive to the articulation.

All that said, both the main Gloomy Bear and Pitty figures look good. Paint and stuff is good.

Articulation isn’t all that hot, but that’s standard fare for Revoltech. It’s actually articulated enough to pull off almost whatever poses you want, it’s just that with the Gloomy Bear sculpt, certain poses just won’t look good from certain poses, due to all the seams and gaps formed from posing him. Pitty the human is less poseable but looks better from all angles though.

Accessories-wise, Pitty the human is technically an accessory. Also included are two stands for both Gloomy and Pitty, since neither can stand on their own due to their round feet and odd center of gravity. Gloomy also gets a “Hannibal Muzzle” and bloody fangs while Pitty has an alternate “Dead or Dying” head. You also get a nice little Revol-box to store your extra Revol-joints and a Revol-chip, which is basically useless for regular collectors unless you live in Japan or you’re willing to jump through the hoops to get the bonus item from collecting enough of those chips.

An interesting play feature for Gloomy is that his muzzle moves. So you can plug in his bloody fangs and have him chomp on stuff, like Pitty’s head.

Gloomy Bear is pretty flawed, even for a Revoltech, but at the same time, I can’t really blame him. Except for the weird placing of Pitty’s head joint, this figure is pretty much as good a transition from cartoon/plush design to action figure that you can reasonably get. Overall, this is a pretty good toy and good value despite the higher price point, since you’re pretty much getting two figures.

Pros: Cute. Able to strike all signature poses.
Cons: Blatant joint seems.

Rank: B

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5 Responses to Revoltech Gloomy Bear

  1. Landon says:

    You totally need to do Gloomy Bear vs Danbo, only to have Yotsuba come in and kick both their asses.

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